A Question About Dealing with Adversity

Is it possible, beneficial and a good idea, when dealing with some form of life adversity, to step just outside the mental conflict zone and make a commitment to turn it off for the time being?

Yes, It is possible and it can be beneficial. But it should be done in a very specific way to be effective.

In the face of any sort of adversity, emotional difficulties or struggle it is always beneficial to step back, take a deep breath and then examine the situation and/or your reaction honestly and in great detail but without judgement, from an objective viewpoint. Do not ignore, hide or run away from adversity.

I teach my clients a specific process for this – (It takes consistent practice to become adept at this but you can do it. It is also important to learn to do this process before you must face an adverse situation so that you have the skills necessary when/if something occurs.)

  1. Let go– let go of trying to be in control of the situation. Let go of judging the situation, others or yourself. Take some deep breaths. Be still. Relax. Focus on the present moment and stay there as much as you can. Do not attempt to control the outcome of the situation. Let go of all expectations and desires. When you finally do this you will experience a sense of peace and clarity. Often the correct answers will arise when you are in this state. But there is more. From that state of peace and clarity take the next step….
  2. Surrender– If you reside long enough in this state of peace and calm you will eventually feel a sense of energy that is stimulating, comforting, relaxing and empowering all at the same time. When you feel this energy, surrender to it. Allow it to overwhelm you. Rest in it. This will rejuvenate you and give you strength to carry on and to take all the steps necessary to deal with the situation. You must surrender control and expectations completely when you do this. The outcome of the situation will be what it will be. It is not your choice. That can be extremely difficult to do in some situations but, with practice and trust, you will be able to do this.
  3. Dissolve– The final step in this process is to completely and utterly dissolve into this energy until there is nothing left of you. Like a drop of water falling into an infinite sea with total abandon. You become the sea rather than just a drop. Reside in this state. There is nothing to do, nothing to understand, nothing to figure out, nothing to know, nothing to be. At some point you will feel inspired to continue on with life. But from this state, life flows perfectly. Many of the issues you faced will dissolve without you having to do anything. For those that do not dissolve or resolve themselves you will have the solutions and you will have the energy, clarity and where-with-all to do whatever is required.

This process works 100% of the time. You cannot control the outcome of the situation or the process but you will experience the perfect flow of life and creation.

It takes a great deal of courage and practice to do this. I can tell you from many years of experience that it is well worth it.

Some good meditations to work with the learn these processes are:

Letting Go
The Light Sphere
Total Surrender

If you would like help or support in dealing with adversity you can set up a session with me and we can work together on this.