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Psychotherapists, how do you train to listen so intently? What do you do if you feel particularly distracted for some reason? I find it fascinating how absolutely present you can be and hope to improve my listening skills too.

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A great question that has given me the opportunity to really examine this.

For some reason I have been able to do some of this since childhood. I didn’t really understand the process intellectually until I was studying psychology in university. At that time it was called ‘active listening’. It involves truly focused listening and discernment at the same time. It’s like listening and processing on multiple levels simultaneously.

My process goes something like this….

On one level I am absolutely and completely focused on and listening to my client; how they are acting, what they say they are feeling and the narratives they are telling me. On another level I am using deep empathy and paying minute attention to what they are really feeling as they speak. I am also discerning if they are aware of what they are feeling and if the words they are saying correlate with what they are actually feeling. I am also doing all of this with no value judgements. Objective, mindful observing is an essential element of the listening process.

There is also a constant, subtle, intellectual, objective discernment process occurring that includes an evaluation of everything being said, felt and expressed as well as the best and most therapeutic response, reactions, non-reactions, mirroring, guidance, etc. to what the client is saying and feeling to lead to them to self-awareness, clarity, inner strength and the long term goals of therapy. It is essential to remember that every one of my words or reactions can have an effect on my client and the entire therapeutic process.

Some of this comes as a natural ability but most of this comes from many years of experience.

When I am with a client/patient I am absolutely and totally focused on them. Everything else is set aside and can wait. The only distraction is a small clock in the corner of my screen to keep track of the time.

If you would like to improve your listening skills practice mindfulness and combine it with listening to someone. It is a very powerful experience.

I have posted quite a few mindfulness exercises here. You are welcome to use as many as you like to practice this skill. If you practice enough it will become automatic and will be of great benefit to you and all those you listen to.

How many years does it usually take to achieve enlightenment?

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I have been asked this question often. The answer is always the same.

Enlightenment takes just a second to experience.

Enlightenment is not an achievement. It is an experience. It is waking up from a long, lucid dream to ‘realize, remember’ that you are that Infinite Sea of Awareness, you have always been this and will always be this. Nothing has changed. Nothing has touched you. Nothing has affected you. You are still and always the pristine, perfect, infinite Peace that you have always been.

As long as one attempts to achieve enlightenment it will remain elusive. As long as one believes they are on a path to enlightenment they will never ‘arrive’. As long as one identifies as an individual personality with a history, beliefs, labels, thoughts, knowledge, control, desires and possessions enlightenment will remain out of reach.

Enlightenment is experienced when we surrender totally, absolutely, completely to be nothing and then to dissolve into the Infinite Sea of Awareness, the source of all Creation, to just Be.

Right this very instant as you read these words you are Infinite, Immortal, Pristine, Perfect Consciousness. You have always been this and will always be this. Nothing has touched you or changed who and what you truly are.

Change, Punctuated Equilibrium and The New Normal

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When do you think the US will get back to normal after the Coronavirus pandemic? What’s your reasoning?

I certainly understand and empathize with your concerns and desire for some stability. I have had this conversation with a number of my psychotherapy clients in the US in the past week. My answer is the same to everyone.

There is no longer a ‘back to normal’. This pandemic is one of those events that causes a shift in mindset and in the lives of the general population in the US and around the world. We are just witnessing the very beginning of this change. Within a few months there will be a new normal and a year from now another new normal. We are in a period of rapid change. In evolutionary biology this has been dubbed, by Professor Stephen Jay GouldPunctuated equilibriumHumanity is being forced to evolve extremely quickly by this pandemic. It is a situation outside of our control.

The attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11 was also one of those events, especially for the US. Now people just accept, as normal, that they must go through long security lines at airports and that they cannot bring knives on airplanes any longer. This is the new normal.

The coping mechanisms that humanity adopts to deal with this pandemic will have long lasting effects. Both the positive and negative mechanisms will be with us for a very long time. They will become the new normal.

Right now most people do not want things to change. They are used to the status quo and are afraid of a new normal that they do not know or understand. But in this situation we do not have the control we want to have. Those who are able to adapt and flow with change will be those who thrive in this new reality. Those who are not able to change will struggle and suffer. I know that you understand this. I just wrote and posted an article about how to cope and thrive with the changes that this pandemic forces upon us. You are most welcome to read it. Maybe there will be some helpful insights for you.

My suggestion is to learn how to rise above the miasma of fear, panic, anger and the other emotions that can distract us. Self-awareness is the most powerful tool you have at your disposal. Practice being mindful at all times and learn to relax even in the most stressful situations. Change and evolution are unavoidable and inevitable but there is an essence of you that never changes and is always unaffected by anything that occurs in life. Find that essence and access it as often as possible. That will get you through this evolutionary shift and help you thrive for your own benefit and for the benefit of your family and your community. I have posted many articles about this and practices for accomplishing this self-awareness at my blog. You are most welcome to read more there.

Our political and social realities in the US have changed tremendously in the past 20 years and especially in the past 3 years. We have accepted as ‘normal’ a president who is a pathological, sociopathic, narcissistic liar who is completely incompetent at the job and a criminal. We have accepted as the new normal a large minority of Americans who enjoy this behavior and even support it and want more of it. Will we ever return to what we used to consider normal? Probably not.

Normal changes for all of us. I used to live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Denver. Normal was getting up each morning and seeing the mountains, the deer and elk, hiking, skiing and going to Costco once a week. Then I moved to Europe full time and now I live in Riga, Latvia and in a small village in Italy. My life in these places is now my normal. It is the same for you and for everyone else that experiences change. But now a major shift is occurring worldwide and it is not due to some choice that you or I make. It is beyond our control But we do have choices about how we react to these events now and in the future.

Every day is new. That new day is now the new normal. There is no going back.

I hope this answer is helpful.

Take good care.


Enlightenment and the Fear of Death and Insanity

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The question has been asked:

How is it possible to overcome the fears associated with losing one’s sense of self (feeling like you are going to die or go insane) when on the threshold of enlightenment?

What a wonderful question. Thank you.

Only after experiencing enlightenment does understanding follow.

What I tell you here is from my experience…..

It is absolutely true that when you are on the verge of enlightenment the voice of the ego/individual personality says, “If you do this you will die. If you do this you will lose yourself and go insane. If you do this you will lose everything”.

At that juncture most people turn away and will not surrender and dissolve into nothingness. The fear is too great and the ego gives them some new belief or intellectual understanding of the enlightenment they have been seeking. I call this the enlightened ego. But the enlightened ego is not the True Self and it is not enlightenment.

But your question is about how to overcome this fear.

Intellectual understanding will not do it. Study will not do it. Fighting the fear will not do it. Embracing the fear will only make the fear stronger. Rationalization will not overcome the fear either. There is only one way to overcome the fear….

You must be willing to die or to go insane to experience enlightenment/awakening. There can be absolutely nothing more important to you. Nothing.

You must be willing to relinquish all desires, control, hope, happiness, beliefs, understandings and knowledge. When you reach the state that nothing is more important that experiencing the True Self, enlightenment, then you will overcome the fear of death and insanity.

I can tell you from experience that you will not go insane. Nor will you or can you die. It is impossible.

To experience enlightenment you must dissolve into the Infinite Sea of Consciousness until there is nothing left of you. At the moment you are ready to do this it will feel as if you are going to die. You must be willing to die to dissolve, to surrender.

No matter how many books or writings you read. No matter how much you think you understand about spirituality or enlightenment. No matter how much you meditate. No matter how many times I tell you that the treat of death or insanity are a lie, the real fear of death and losing control or sanity will still present itself. It does so to everyone. I can tell you that the True Self that you are will not die. I can tell you that hundreds of others have done this before you and that they did not really die or go crazy. But when it is your turn the threat of death will feel very real. Only if you surrender and dissolve into nothingness will you be truly free and experience enlightenment.

The ego/individual personality will do anything to hold on to the illusion of control. It will tell you anything it thinks will dissuade you from surrendering or fool you into thinking that you have now experienced enlightenment or awakening. But the ego is not who you are. It is a tool that is you use to function in physical reality. Right this very moment as you read these words you are already the Infinite, Immortal Sea of Consciousness. Nothing can touch this or change it. This is the True Self – It always has been and always will be. But there is only one way to experience this for yourself.

I have written a great deal about enlightenment here at my blog. Feel free to read more here. I have also posted some meditations for facilitating surrender and enlightenment/awakening. Work with them if you wish.

Enlightenment is not for the faint of heart. But it is your birthright and the True Self that you are and always will be.

Take care



Why do you continue to meditate if you are already enlightened?

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Why do you continue to meditate if you are already enlightened?

A very excellent question David.

We continue to meditate after enlightenment for the same reason we continue to breathe after we have filled our lungs or we continue to eat after we have had a meal.

As long as we are focused and playing the role of a human being we are still going to experience physical reality in its myriad forms. We are still going to experience emotions, physical ailments, the needs for sleep, nourishment and experiences. It is fairly easy to be distracted from Reality. After the enlightenment experience it becomes very easy to rise above all of this quickly whenever we wish but the human experiences continue.

For instance, I close my eyes, take a deep breath, surrender into nothingness and then open my eyes. It takes all of about 2 seconds. Then, no matter what has been going on I am again feeling and experiencing the world as the true Self. I make decisions from that perspective.

I choose to begin each day with a similar meditation but for a longer period of time. I choose to end each day with the same practice before going to sleep.

The purpose of life is not to experience enlightenment. The purpose of human life is to experience human life fully, honestly and openly. Enlightenment can enhance this experience but it is not a replacement for it and it is certainly not meant to be an escape from it.

Meditation facilitates remembering the Truth of who we are, the True Self. Meditation allows us to ‘rise above’ all the distractions and to see and experience Reality is it is. Enlightenment allows this to happen almost instantaneously whenever we wish.



What is Meant by the Word ‘Remembering’? A Question Answered

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Spiritual Awakening is remembering who and what you are.

Could you maybe go into what is meant with the word “remembering” a little deeper? And what is not meant with it? 🙂

The most confusing part is often the habit of the mind trying to “do it right”. Experiencing false identification with the thought “I am not that”, so to speak.

Very easy when in a state of clarity, very hard when in a state of delusion. Like when waking up at night…

An interesting question Tom.

Remembering is the best word in English that I could come up with. The fact is that the Self, the One who you already are, does not need to remember anything. It is and always has been aware of ItSelf as the Infinite Ocean of Consciousness.

But when referring to the experience of a human being experiencing Enlightenment or Awakening it does feel like remembering for a few moments. Then as the personality dissolves so does the illusion of remembering.

For me it was like a huge joke that I just got. “Of course!! I have always been this Consciousness. I have never been anything else. All that drama, struggle, ups and downs were all an illusion. I am untouched by any of it. I am still the same One. I have never been away. I have never been lost, struggling, searching or finding. I have always been this same One just being the Observing of all life. I have always been this Awareness. Nothing has changed”. And I smiled.

So, as usual, it is a paradox. Jon, Tom, Maria, Anaya and everyone else appears to remember who and what they are. But the fact is that the Consciousness Being Jon, Tom Maria, Anaya and everyone else never forgot. The Infinite Ocean of Consciousness has always been the Awareness of all life and all experiences.

And who is the one that is Aware you might ask? I use the term God or Creator. I can tell you from experience that the One who is aware is not me. I am just the Awareness, the Consciousness of the Creator, nothing of myself.

As you mentioned, the one who is struggling, searching, frustrated or lost is not who you are. It could never be who you are. That is impossible. But only after surrendering and dissolving the ‘me’ who is trying to understand all of this do we remember that. True understanding only comes after surrender. Not before.

It is not easy putting these thoughts and experiences into writing and language. Language itself is limiting. I hope there is some semblance of clarity here.

There are quite a few articles here that explore this in more depth. Feel free to study those as well or reach out.

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Take care



Welcome to Meditation, Mindfulness, Spiritual Psychology and Enlightenment

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At this site you are welcome to read and work with all the resources I make available. I am also available to answer your questions and to offer you support. 

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Understanding God

I look forward to hearing from you.

I am listening.

Take care




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Depression is extremely prevalent in our society and often under diagnosed. It is fortunate that the stigma attached to it has lessened so that those who are dealing with depression are more likely to seek out and receive the help and support they need and deserve

To read more about depression you can start with this article

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Depression Tells You


About William Samuel

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Over the years I have studied with many spiritual teachers and studied the writings of many others from all over the world. But the one spiritual teacher who was the most influential to me was an American from Alabama by the name of William Samuel. Bill was more than just a teacher to me though, he was also my friend.

Bill was a prolific writer and a generous being. He made it his life’s work to help others find the Truth so that they could live more fulfilling lives and thereby help others. I spent many hours and days talking with Bill via letters, email, phone and in person. I was blessed to be able to be a guest at his home in Alabama many times, staying at the little cottage, Woodsong, down behind his house.  Bill and I would have long conversations about spirituality, life, love, business, food, physics, ancient civilizations and everything else that came up to be discussed. We took long walks in the farm fields around Birmingham to hunt for ancient arrowheads left behind by the pre-historic native inhabitants of Alabama. He and his lovely wife Rachel were far better at finding those arrowheads than I was and I still have one of those cherished arrows he found and gave me.

Many of the teachings you will find here have their basis in Bill’s teachings to me and from his books and essays. If you are inspired, you can find his writings, talks and books at

It was always Bill’s admonition to me that I would be responsible to help others as he helped me. I have done my best to do just that over the years. I admonish you to do the same. We are all One Being. We are responsible to and for each other. We are here to help and to support one another. Nothing can change that fact.

Please remember this; especially in these days when selfishness, narcissism, cynicism and greed seem to be attributes to be admired rather than shunned.

I highly recommend reading the works of William Samuel. I promise it will be well worth your time as it was mine.

Take care,



In Response To Your Questions

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Often people write to me and send some wonderful questions. I have collected the answers that I have written to one individual and thought they might be helpful to others.

A moment of Enlightenment

Thank you for your guidance. I tried to do the meditation that you mentioned, but I haven’t been having much success. I think I only once got the feeling of “being the watcher”, in the beginning of a meditation, but it only lasted for a couple of seconds. It was a strange feeling tho, like I tried to step back and just be the watcher, and then like… I completely disappeared. I was just not there, I couldn’t find myself anywhere, but something was left there, that wasn’t me. It’s like they say – awareness was there, and I was not. Everything was gone, but there was something left, and that was awareness. Of course, I am not sure about this experience, may be I was just hallucinating it, but it felt like something real, at least the only thing that “happened” during meditation. I tried to meditate some more, but it feels like nothing happens and I’m just struggling through it.


That sounds like a wonderful experience. You began to experience your Self.

It is normal to try to hold on to your identity or personality even when you begin to feel the Self. But feeling as if you are nothing is part of the process. The next step in this is to completely surrender to the experience of nothingness as if you were melting or dissolving into it. It may feel as if you will die if you go too far with this but you will not. No matter what that voice in your head tells you. Just keep going until there is nothing left of ‘you’.

Everything changes once you do this.

Do not struggle with it. Struggling is like shadow boxing or playing air drums and expecting to get a sound from the snare.

The emptiness, nothingness is what is Real. The personality you call your name is just a hologram.

Just relax and watch and then surrender.

Take care


In response to a question about non-dualism

While it is true that meditation can perpetuate the illusion that there are two of you, I have found it to be very helpful in relaxing and dissolving all those things that are not who I am and just Being.

I am quite resistant to fundamentalism in any form, including non-dualism. I consider myself a believer in non-dualism but not from an intellectual standpoint. For truly there is only One writing this and it is the same One reading it. But the human intellect can get itself woven into any belief system including non-dualism. When that happens one can become pedantic. I am open to many different things and love exploring, so following one narrow path has no appeal to me. Maybe that causes my words or deeds to be perceived as dualistic or non-spiritual. It does not concern me. Self-Awareness never changes nor is it ever affected by any of that.

More about shadows and dissolving them and a sales tip.

Let’s begin with the meditation process.

Just asking these emotions/shadows/thoughts to leave will not help very much. They will come right back. The process I have described must be done exactly as written. You must learn to USE the shadows to define who you are. They are not who and what you are. So if they are not who you are then who are you? Once you have a clear sense of your real identity then you must surrender into that identity. That is when the shadows dissolve. When you really live that identity only then will the shadows will not come back.

If you are living as the Light that you are then shadows cannot exist in you. It is very simple. Not easy but very simple.

I will recommend 2 of my guided meditations. They will help you get started…. Leaving Behind the Darkness, and Walking Into the Light. These two mp3 files should be worked with every day two times a day. Then you will really understand the process.

So to your insights….

The physical world can be a very difficult place to exist. There is a great deal of pain and suffering here. I live in a 3rd world country and see it so much every day. I too am extremely sensitive. I am an empath and feel everyone’s feelings all day every day. I have had to learn to help when I can and let it go when I cannot. And to know the difference. It has taken me a long time and a great deal of suffering to accomplish this. You will need to learn this also. That sensitivity that helps you sell also opens you to feel suffering. You must always be compassionate but learn to step back a bit as well.

Depression will take a lot of work on your part to get rid of. You must follow all the practices in the book I put up at the website. All of them. If you really want to get rid of the depression then you must be absolutely committed to doing so. It is not easy but it will be well worth the effort.

This feeling of peace that came over you is a gift. A wonderful gift. Every time you feel it you must surrender to it. Just imagine that you are melting into it until there is nothing left of you. Ignore all other thoughts and feelings. Nothing…..nothing is more important than surrendering into that peace or into that love. Nothing. Not even your life. If you do this you will see the shadows dissolve very quickly.

Sales tip #1…. Be yourSelf. Be genuine. Care about the other person and their company more than you care about selling to them. 

About having a busy mind and fear.

Oh my, your mind is so busy.

Take a few deep breaths right this moment and relax before reading further.

Now contemplate this…..

There is nothing to figure out right this moment. There are no answers necessary.

The Real You is not trying to cope. The Real You has no fear. The Real You is not searching. The Real You laughs at the human nature of you quite often.

Are you drinking any alcohol or smoking any weed? If so, stop for a while.

Now take a few deep breaths and relax before reading any further.

Look at the fear.

Look at all the things that fear is telling you.

Look at your reactions to the fear.

Is that who and what you really are?

The fear is lying to you. Everything is says is exactly opposite of the truth. So if you hear fear say something then you can figure out what the truth is by listening to the lies. Do you understand this?

If I say that black is white then you can know that black is black.

The fear is not your friend. The fear does not protect you. The fear is not any part of who and what you are. The fear is exactly the opposite of who and what you are.

Contemplate all of that this evening. Feel these things as you go to sleep tonight.

Surrender to the Real You, the Truth as you fall asleep.

When you finally live as the Self, the Being that you Really are, the fear will dissolve and will have no place in your experience any longer.

Forget all the concepts for a while. Just focus on experience.

Won’t just Being the Self be boring?

Believe me, if you just Be the Self in life it will be anything but boring. Life will flow and be magical. Things will work out for you as if all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place each time you take a step forward. It will be amazing.

I tell you this from experience.

Watch the human you.

There will be more upcoming but watch the human self for now for a month or so. When you are ready we will move forward with this.

Remember, the closer you come to dissolving the shadows the more they will attempt to distract you and to fill you with fear and depression.

Don’t let them distract you. Everything depends on it.

About feeding the shadows.

This is what the shadows do. Just imagine all of these shadowy characters floating around you trying to distract you. And every time you react to them they get some energy. They love your fear and depression. It is like ice cream or chocolate to them. But when you recognize what they are saying and that they are not you they begin to lose their power. Then you can use them. “If they are not me then who am I?”

When you recognize your real Self and relax into It then the shadows dissolve.

Pretty simple. Not easy, but it is quite a simple truth.

You are doing fine.

Do not let these shadows have any more chocolate.

About the fear of surrendering.

Surrender is frightening to everyone. Dissolving into Nothing is scary to the one who says “this is my life”. The fear of losing control, losing everything or dying is a strong shadow. It takes a great deal of courage for the first year of doing this. It takes extraordinary courage to surrender, to let go the first few times. If it was easy everyone would be doing it.

You do not need to feel bad about being afraid. But you do need to ignore the fear and press on. To go ahead and dissolve into the Infinite no matter what the shadows scream. You must be willing to die to experience your Infinite Self. It is the same for everyone. Nothing can be more important.

Most people do it only when they have nothing left to lose.

It is certainly something yourSelf wants to experience, otherwise you would not have connected with me.

I can tell you a thousand times that you will be fine when you surrender, when you dissolve. But that will only get you to the edge of the cliff. Only you can take that step into the Infinite Self. Only you can dissolve all that you are not to finally Be what you Are.

But consciousness loves all, even the negative sides. So who is the one wanting to feel better. Isn’t it just mind fighting mind?

Just to be clear….

Gently contemplate this:

Conscious does not love all. Consciousness does not love at all.  Consciousness Is Love.

There is a universe of difference.

Consciousness is beyond positive and negative. Both are illusions.

The one wanting to feel better is not who you are. If that is not who you are then who are you?

Surrender to that One.

In response to a question about an awakening movement in humanity at this time and about being Born Again.

The fundamentalist Christians in America always talk about being Born Again. But they miss the point entirely. They do not realize that you have to die first before you can be born again. They are too afraid to try that because they do not understand the true nature of Infinite Love – God.

So your statement is correct.

As you dissolve into the Infinite Self you will understand more and more.

But remember this important point:

Understanding follows surrender.

You cannot understand first.

You must surrender and die into the Infinite Self – God, without understanding the nature of the Universe or knowing what will happen.

Age of Awakening?

I see humanity evolving very slowly. I do not see humanity awakening for centuries. We would all like to think that our time frame is the age of awakening, the age of enlightenment. I do not see it but maybe I am missing something.

I see you awakening and that is all that is important right now.

Take care,

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Random Thoughts on Experiencing Enlightenment

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Random thoughts on experiencing Enlightenment


Awareness of who and what you are. Awareness that you are one with all.
Awareness that you are not a human having a spiritual experience but a spirit
having a human experience. Awareness that you are Awareness.

Awareness of the Self is a wonderful gift. It is oft times confused
with Enlightenment because it is such an uplifting and freeing experience. But
Awareness of your true identity is only a step. Many people choose to stay on
that step. It can be very comfortable even though it ebbs and flows. The ego
also feels fairly safe here because it can still be a ‘me’ co-existing with Awareness.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with staying here. It is just wonderful and
perfect for many.

But if your heart leads you to experience Enlightenment then you will
certainly need to take the next step.
Meditation 2 and Letting Go 


Surrender into what you are. Surrender into Awareness. Dissolve into
Awareness until you feel one with Awareness.

Imagine that you are a drop of water. You have thought of yourself as a
drop all your existence. You were born a drop and you grew up a drop. You went
to Drop University, you worked at Drop Corporation, you married a fabulous
drop and had 3 great drop children. You went on holidays to Drop World every
year and lived a good life as a drop. Then one day you went to a workshop and
learned that you were not just a drop. You learned that you were actually part
of something greater, something wonderful. You read drop spiritual books about
this and studied with many great drop spiritual masters. You became aware that
you were Ocean and not just a drop. Wow! Your life changed.

“I am one with the Ocean! I am not just a drop!”

Then one day your drop master took you to a beach. You both slid up to
the edge of the sea.

“Look at the sea now, “  he said,
“You are actually one with that sea. The sea is actually a vast Ocean of drops.
Would you like to feel one with that?”

You expressed your desire to do so. So he told you to slide into the
sea so that you can feel your oneness with the Ocean. You do so very slowly, a
little at a time. Finally you are completely immersed in the sea and you now
feel one with the Ocean. It is fantastic, it is blissful, it is peaceful. Then
you slide back out and stand with your drop master.

Day after day you go to the sea and you feel your oneness with the
Ocean of drops. You gain more and more insights, a greater sense of Self and
deeper feeling of peace. You are now able to share this with other drops that
you meet.

Surrender into the Ocean of Awareness is all these things and much
more. It is a wonderful place from which to experience life. But it is still
not Enlightenment. It may be though that you wish to stay at this place and
that is just fine. Surrender into Awareness and feeling oneness with Awareness
will change your human life experience and the experiences of those around you.



Death of the ego, the ‘me’.

We must be willing to die to experience the Truth. Not understand about
Truth or intellectually study about the Truth, but die. Give up control
absolutely and completely knowing that you could die in the process. But you do
it because nothing is more important than Being, not even life itself. So
without purpose, without desire, without understanding, without knowing what
will happen when we give up all control, we die.

Maybe you will stop breathing; maybe you will no longer be aware. Anything
is possible. You will not know until you die. You cannot know until you do it
yourself. No amount of study or reading will help you when you reach this
point. There will be a million distractions attempting to stop you from doing
this. There will be very convincing internal dialogs that tell you that you
will really die, that you will be nothing, that you will lose everyone and
everything you love. No matter how much you feel you have prepared for this you can still experience fear, sadness and other emotions associated with death
that will attempt to stop you or to distract you.

When and if you truly wish to experience Enlightenment then you will
need to die. In Enlightenment there is no ‘me’ feeling one with Awareness.
There is only Awareness experiencing ItSelf. In Enlightenment there is no ‘me’
understanding Oneness, Peace, Bliss, Awareness and Enlightenment; there is only Oneness, Peace, Bliss, Awareness and Enlightenment experiencing ItSelf.

What happens after you do this? If I told you then it would put the
experience into the realm of your intellect. It would just make it more
difficult to experience it for yourself.

If you wish to experience the Truth, your Self, then just do it.

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Experiencing God

Freedom From Suffering -A Spiritual Approach – The Book

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Freedom From Suffering book

I have decided to post the entire first edition of my Freedom From Suffering book online here at the blog for everyone to read.

Of course you can always purchase the latest version of the eBook at many sites that sell eBooks or the paperback at Amazon.

Enjoy the book and accompaning meditations.

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Depression – A Spiritual Approach To Being Free of Depression

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In the last few months I have received many emails from people suffering from depression. I had not planned on writing any articles here about depression but I now feel that it is a very important topic to address.

I have a great deal of experience with depression. I know it intimately. I spent 3 years in the most severe depression imaginable. Each night as I went to sleep I would pray to die before morning. Each morning I would awaken and wonder how the hell I was going to deal with another day in pain. I tried suicide but was unsuccessful. I spent a week in a psychiatric clinic and went through psychotherapy and was on different antidepressants for a period of time. Nothing helped. I could barely function in day-to-day life. I had a few friends that helped me with shopping and dealing with other personal affairs. I tried traveling but that did not help. I tried shopping until I had almost no money left and that was even more depressing. I was in a downward spiral into darkness that had no bottom.

People would tell me that I would hit bottom and then could start back up. It was obvious that those people had never been in severe depression. I knew that there was no bottom. Most people just did not understand. Even those with clinical experience. I had been a psychotherapist for many years and even I could not help myself. I had been deeply involved in spiritual studies and teaching for many years and none of that helped me either.

Then one morning I was lying in bed not wanting to get up and a thought came to me. I know intellectually that God is All and that in God there is no darkness. I know intellectually that I am one with God. So if I am one with God then there cannot be any darkness in me either. So if there cannot be any darkness in me then what the hell is this I have been experiencing for the past 3 years?

A light bulb turned on. This darkness, this depression is not me. It is not any part of me. So if this is not any part of me then what is it? The answer that came was that this was darkness itself. It was something other than me that had attached itself to me for purposes of its own. I felt something stir within me. Something good, something I had not felt for a long, long time; a glimmer of hope.

Immediately an internal dialog began. It went something like this;

“Of course I am part of you. I am your other half. We are one.”
“No, I think you are not part of me. I believe that I can be rid of you.”
“No, if you get rid of me you will die. You cannot exist without your other half. I am your friend. I am always with you. I protect you. You need me.”
“Well, I will take that chance. I would rather die without you than live with you.”

So with that I spoke out loud to it; “You are darkness. I know you now and you are not me. You are not any part of me and you never have been. You have been feeding on me. You have instilled pain and fear in me and then fed on it. You have made yourself appear so much larger than me. You have made yourself seem totally overwhelming. But you are not. You are nothing. You are a lie and the liar from the beginning. Everything you have ever done to me or said to me has been a lie. You have used my voice to speak to me but it was never me, it was you. I thought I was speaking to myself but it was you who told me that life was a dark and sad place. You filled me with feelings of being worthless and being unlovable. You lied. You are no longer welcome in or around me. You are no longer welcome in my life. Your welcome is taken back. You must leave now.”

Immediately the darkness dissolved and I felt whole again. I felt light and joyous, blissful even. I realized that I had been surrounded completely by a warm wet blanket called darkness. It had been comfortable and painful at the same time. It was all I knew. I had forgotten who and what I really was. I had forgotten what happiness felt like. But that was over now.

Then the most amazing realization came to me. This whole past 3 years of darkness had been an illusion. The one that I am, the one I felt now, had never been depressed. I had always been joy and peace all along.

I laughed and got up and started my day from that perspective.

The darkness kept trying to come back for about a year. I used the same dialog over and over again. Sometimes a hundred times a day. Finally it gave up and happiness became the norm.

It is still important even now to pay close attention to my beliefs, internal dialogs, feelings and emotions, to pay close attention to any hint of depression or darkness’ return. I still use the same basic dialog but it does change according to circumstances. There are also a number of lifestyle changes and thought processes that are helpful in getting rid of depression and keeping it gone. I have written about them in my book, Freedom From Suffering, and on my book on tape, Freedom From Depression. If there is interest I will add some of them to this blog in the future.

Please believe me when I tell you that if you are experiencing depression you can get rid of it. I promise you this. And if you need help doing so remember that you are not alone. I will help you as much as I can as will others. The depression will tell you that you are alone and that no one really cares and that nothing can help you. It is lying to you. You may not be able to see it right this moment, but there are people in your life and some you have not met yet who care and there really is an end to this depression.

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Some meditations that will be helpful:
Meditation 1
Meditation 2
Letting Go
Leaving Behind the Darkness
Walking Into the Light

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How to Meditate

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Ever since human beings have been attempting to understand their universe and their true nature they have been meditating. There are hundreds if not thousands of meditation methods. Some are specific to certain religions. Some are designed with a particular goal or purpose.

I am going to share with you some simple and effective mindfulness meditation practices that will be easy to do and easy to implement in your daily life. In other articles I will share with you some other meditation practices that are more specific in purpose or for experiencing profound states of awareness.

Click here to begin.

plug in and meditate by Jon Shore2

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Enlightenment – The Search

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Searching for Enlightenment is like searching for warm water while you are standing in warm water at a Caribbean beach.

Let’s define Enlightenment as the conscious recognition of the True Self. The One Self, the Divine Self, the Infinite Self, pure, pristine Awareness. The Self is the Creator’s Awareness. You are this now. You have always been this and will always be this. So as long as you are searching you cannot find the Self. When you tire of the search and surrender out of exhaustion you will then find what you were seeking and always were to begin with. The search creates the illusion of two, the searcher and the One being searched for, when there really is only One.

There is nothing wrong with spiritual searching. It is perfectly normal. But if you are tired of searching and want, more than anything in the world, to experience Enlightenment, then this is probably a good place to relax, read, practice, listen and ask questions.

Spiritual searching can be quite addictive. It can lead us into dark corners, bright lights, ups and downs. It can be fulfilling and exhausting. Most spiritual seekers I have met over the years are quite happy searching. The prefer spending their lifetime exploring one or more spiritual paths. They would rather seek enlightenment than find it. There are many who believe that only the great gurus of India or saints of the past can attain enlightenment.

There are some who believe that enlightenment leads to instant health, wealth and magical abilities. I have not found any of this to be true.

Again, if your desire is to seek Enlightenment then this blog will be one stop along your path. If you are ready and willing to give up the search to experience Enlightenment then I will do my very best to help you.

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Experiencing God