Reincarnation and The Timeless Infinite Self

How Does Reincarnation Work if there is No Time?

Some believe that a soul progresses (lessons and experiences) as it reincarnates. If a soul experiences many or all of its lifetimes at once, how does reincarnation play into that?

An inspirational question. Thank you.

To me, reincarnation, probable lives, parallel worlds, ‘past lives’ and probabilities have always been very interesting topics. I did a great deal of research into this during undergrad and graduate school. I have also done hundreds of ‘regressions’ in my therapy practice. If this is an area of interest for you, by all means, explore it. There are some marvelous books about these topics with some fascinating stories.

There are billions of interesting things to explore in the universe. Explore what you feel inspired to explore. Even though all physical experiences may ultimately be an illusion this does not preclude exploring and experiencing those areas and things that are interesting to you. That is an integral part of why creation exists.

Having said that, let me answer your question.

From the limited human perspective life and time appear to be a linear progression from one moment to the next. From that same narrow perspective the soul seems to be a separate, unique being that resides in the human body and leaves the body after death to then go somewhere else. Reincarnation is based upon these beliefs. These beliefs are based on the human mind’s limited capacity for understanding that which is infinite and outside of time/space.

From a human perspective it is also possible to conceive of reincarnation as millions of probabilities all existing simultaneously like parallel worlds. These probable realities are ever expanding as choices are made. And, at the same time, they already exist simultaneously. (Yes, I know that sounds confusing, but bear with me). For instance, every time you make a decision all possible choices are experienced by Infinite Consciousness. No possible scenario is missed. All are experienced. The ‘you’ you identify with right now experiences one of those probabilities and other ‘you’s’ experience others. Sometimes you experience glimpses of these other identities in dreams. You can even access their experiences and some of their knowledge and insights in deep meditation or with guidance.

So if time and space are illusory and all lifetimes are simultaneous how does reincarnation work? Are souls learning and progressing?

In Reality, this linear progression of learning, growing and incarnations is an illusion. The individual soul is an illusion. All lifetimes are simultaneous. All probabilities are simultaneous. All separations are illusory. Imagining that you are a unique personality and observer of life is an illusion. Even the belief that the body and personality are yours is an illusion.

There is only One Mind, One Consciousness, One Soul, One Life, One Infinite Immortal Awareness Being All that Is. Like an Infinite Ocean of Consciousness. One Mind exploring ItSelf.

We are that exploring going on. We are the Awareness of the One Mind.

It feels as if we are each a unique drop of consciousness in the universe. But the Truth is that are not a drop, we are the entire Sea of Consciousness. If you would like to experience this here is a meditation you can work with every day:


What about learning, progressing and growing?

This is a marvelous paradox – The One Mind is not progressing or growing. It has nothing to learn, it is Omniscient. It already is all it could possibly be. And it is always expanding and experiencing at the same time. It is expanding and infinitely expanded simultaneously.

Right here and right now the One writing these words is the same One reading them. There is only One.

I say these things, not from belief but from experience. There is no way to truly understand this until it has been experienced firsthand. Beliefs and theories are just place holders when experience is lacking.

This may sound confusing, and to the human mind, it is. But once you experience that which is beyond understanding it will make complete sense.

To experience this marvelous paradox and the true nature of creation you must give up all these illusory beliefs and just be still. No searching, no striving, no struggles, no control and no attempt to understand anything. Just be still. Just be the objective observing of all life.

I have posted many practices and meditations for experiencing all of this here at this website. Feel free to explore here and to experience this yourself.
These experiences are available to you right here and now. They always have been and always will be.

I am also here to support and help you experience your true nature. If you would like help with experiencing other lives and the True Self you can contact me.


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