How to Dissolve and Live in the Effortless Flow of Life by Jon Shore

How to Live in the Flow of Life

I use the term dissolve quite often to describe the experience of melting into everything around you. The best metaphor I have found for this is to imagine being a drop of water merging with the ocean. Once the drop merges into the ocean it is no longer a drop, but the ocean.

So too, when you identify as an individual, unique personality and dissolve into the Infinite Ocean of Consciousness you are no longer a individual personality but you are the Infinite Ocean. I call this Infinite Ocean the True Self.

Life is full of constant distractions. We are immersed in a physical universe that demands our attention every moment of every day and night. This physical universe feels absolutely real and that is as it should be. The challenge is to be able to see through the illusions and to be able to experience the underlying Infinite Peace, Bliss, Understanding, Wisdom, Fulfillment, Strength, Creativity and Flow that is ever present no matter what physical reality presents to us.

Dissolving is a key practice to experience True Self-Awareness, transcendent inner peace, joy, flow and fulfillment. I often get questions on exactly how to dissolve and if there are some meditations that can help experience dissolving.

The answer is that I have created a number of meditations that can prepare you and then guide you into dissolving. So I thought I would write this sort article and list them here with some further instructions.

Let’s begin

The first step in dissolving is to be able to relax deeply and profoundly. Begin with this basic Progressive Relaxation exercise  which is excellent for this. Work with this meditation at least 2 times a day every day. Practice this until you can relax deeply with just a deep breath. Even if the meditation becomes boring after a while, do it anyway until you can achieve this profoundly relaxed state with a deep breath.

The next step is to practice letting go of all concerns, thoughts, control, desires, etc. For this I recommend working with the Letting Go meditation. Work with this for at least a week minimum every morning and evening until you can truly feel a sense of peace and lightness.

Then move on to the Surrender meditation. Practice this at least twice per day in the morning and evening for at least a week until you truly feel and experience surrendering without any fear and are able to experience the freedom and peace that comes with surrender.

After this, work with the Light Sphere-The Stillness meditation. Again, practice this at least two times a day for a week minimum. Morning and evening are best but you can do this anytime in the day and evening as often as you like. This meditation prepares you for dissolving.

Then move on to the Total Surrender meditation. This is a dissolving meditation. Practice this meditation every single morning and evening. It is helpful to practice this periodically during the day and evening. I suggest working with this meditation for at least a month. Eventually you may not need the guided audio and can just do this on your own. Make this practice something you do every day for the rest of your life.

I have also created a series of five one minute Mindfulness Moment Meditations and posted them on one of my YouTube channels. The fifth video meditation, Surrender & Dissolve Into the Energy of Creation,  is most effective if you have already practiced and mastered all the other meditations listed in this article. It is made to do at least once an hour during the day and night. Since it only takes 60 seconds it is quite easy to incorporate into your daily life. You can also do this Mindfulness Meditation for a minute if you wake up in the middle of the night before you drift back to sleep. Make this practice an integral part of your life.

Dissolving is actually a very simple process but it is not easy at first. The ego, the ‘me’ will claim that dissolving is death, that you will lose everything, you will lose control, your relationships, your possessions and yourself. When you first begin real dissolving it may feel like a huge risk.

An integral part of the dissolving practice is to be mindful throughout the day and night. Pay attention to your feelings and reactions to events in life. If you notice many hurdles and potholes in your path or strong emotions and reactions then take that as a sign to dissolve. To ‘come home’ to the True Self. There is nothing in life more important than this. To experience the True Self is to experience life as an exquisite and synchronistic flow. If life is not flowing for you then it is time to ‘come home’ to the True Self.

If you make experiencing and living the True Self your number one priority all of this becomes easier. After a while these dissolving practices become autonomic and effortless. This is as it should be.

If you need help with dissolving feel free to reach out to me. I am here to support you.

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