The Quantum View

riga-latvia-2016-150dpi-5697Beneath the appearance of solid objects, bodies, sounds, light, shadow, emotions, time, space, activities and thoughts is the Quantum Field. That which makes up everything that is. Like an infinite ocean of consciousness. The Quantum Field is without form or divisions yet it is that from which all form is created. Buddhists call this Emptiness. I call it Being, Awareness, Consciousness or the Quantum Field.

A rough approximation of how things are….

In our current reality this microscope does not exist but Imagine there is a microscope powerful enough to peer into the nature of matter. We place a small coin on the platform that the microscope uses to hold objects it is going to examine. We begin our journey into the nature of the coin. First we see the detailed surface of the coin. Then we go deeper and see the molecules that make up the metal of the coin. Then we go even deeper and see the atoms that make up the molecules. Then we go deeper into the sub-atomic level and see the neutrons, protons and other particles that make up the atom. Then we continue going deeper and see quarks, bosons and other particles that make up the sub-atomic particles. Then we go even deeper until there are no more particles. Only vast space, emptiness. Without form. Without time or space. This is my experience of the Quantum Field. This is the source of all that is. This is Infinite, Timeless Awareness. Being. Religions attempt to explain It and call It God or many other names because It is far beyond human intelligence to understand It. So humans attempt to ‘humanize’ It and give it god-like attributes so that they can imagine that they understand It.

Experiencing the Quantum View

To experience the Quantum View is to experience and feel that which is beyond form, beyond light, dark, human emotions, human judgements, time, space and activities.

To expesugar-and-waterrience the Quantum View you must be able to dissolve the body and personality you consider to be ‘You’.


Picture a glass of water and a spoon of sugar. If you drop the sugar into the water and stir, the sugar will dissolve and become invisible to the eye.

If you can imagine and feel yourself to be like sugar and then to dissolve into the Quantum Field you will have taken a large step towards experiencing the Quantum View.


I have created a number of guided meditations for experiencing the Quantum View available at

The Peace Meditation

The Pyramid

Beyond the Light

Walking into the Light

All of these require practice. The Quantum View does not come easily but it can be achieved with practice and courage. As you approach this view the ego will tell you that you will die or lose control if you dissolve into the Quantum Field. I can promise you that you will not die. You will gain a more realistic view of yourself and reality and you will feel more alive than you have ever felt. The ego will do or say anything to save itself, even lie.


Benefits of the Quantum View

There are many benefits associated with experiencing the Quantum View including;

Increased intuitive abilities

Increased empathy

Ability to create new innovations

Improved problem solving

Clearer thinking and reasoning

Inner peace

Greater self-awareness

Deeper connection with others

Greater understanding of others

A greatly improved flow in your life

And others.


There are additional meditations at my site, for experiencing this expanded view of reality. If you need help in experiencing the Quantum View feel free to write to me. I am glad to help. I am also available for workshops designed to help you experience the Quantum View. I can be contacted at


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