Feeling Inner Peace in the Midst of Chaos by Jon Shore

The world is in chaos. Chaos seems to have become the new ‘normal’. Disease, political turmoil, wars, riots, protests, suffering, poverty, starvation, climate change, pollution, propaganda, manipulation and a seemingly endless, invisible toxic fog of ignorance, fear, anger, hatred, greed and cynicism touching and infiltrating the minds of millions.

It often seems that Inner Peace is a far off memory or has been completely forgotten. But Inner Peace is essential for being able to function and thrive amidst this chaos. Feeling Inner Peace is essential to living a healthy and fulfilling life. Inner Peace is an integral part of having the clarity necessary for making good decisions and dealing with challenges as they arise.

For most people Inner Peace seems to be elusive or the experiences of Inner Peace are intermittent and fleeting. For some, Inner Peace has become only a concept that is out of reach or ignored. Yet most people still seek Inner Peace whether they are aware of it or not.

People seek Inner Peace in the acquisition of possessions, achievements, money, power, relationships, knowledge, travel, nature, physical activities and other pursuits. Unfortunately, as long as we are dependent on anything transient for Inner Peace then Inner Peace will be transient.

So how do we find Inner Peace that is unwavering?

Do your best to be still for a few moments. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Then consider this;

At a deep and profound level, everything that exists is made of the same stuff, whether you call it the quantum field or consciousness or energy or light or life or creation or God. The air you are breathing right this moment, the light that touches you, your memories, thoughts and emotions, your body and everything around you are all made of the same stuff. If you relax deeply enough, if you are still enough, if you pay close enough attention you will be able to feel that which fills and is all things. You will be able to feel the infinite, timeless and endless process of creation. And if you were to describe that feeling of infinite, immortal creation you would use words like Bliss, Compassion, Love, Excitement, Power and yes, Peace.

This is where transcendent Inner Peace if found. It is found where it has always been and will always be. It is found in the very essence and structure of creation. It is found in the air you breath and every cell of your body. It is found in every thought and deed. It is found in every blade of grass, snowflake, wave, particle of light and every grain of sand. It is found in every atom and sub-atomic particle. It is found at the busiest and loudest city street corner, the most idyllic seacoast and in the quietest forest. There is absolutely no place that Inner Peace is not.

Inner Peace is infinite, it is untouched by anything that happens in life or the world. It is woven into the fabric of all being. It is inescapable and it is always accessible. It is transcendent.

To experience this transcendent Inner Peace you must be willing to set aside everything and to be absolutely still. You must set aside all your memories, history, desires, judgements, struggles and the ‘me’ who seeks Inner Peace.

If you do this you will feel the transcendent Peace that is closer to you than your breathing. And when you feel It, surrender to It. Dissolve into It. Let go into it as if nothing else matters. If you do this, transcendent Peace will embrace you. It will cleanse you and you will remember who and what you truly are and have always been. You will remember that you truly are transcendent Peace.

Inner Peace

This is how you experience unchanging and infinite Inner Peace. This is how you experience Inner Peace in the midst of chaos.

I have created a number of meditations for experiencing this. Some are posted here and some are available at the Light Unlimited Publishing website. If you need support in experiencing the Inner Peace that you are just let me know.


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