What is it Like to Be an Empath?

I have been able to feel the feelings, beliefs, needs, desires and emotions of others since I can remember. I feel all of these things in my own body as if they were my own. Sometimes I see them as metaphors or images. Actually, I did not know that others could not do this until I was in college. I was very surprised. I wondered how people could function without this ability. I also was unaware that many of the things I was feeling were not from my own personality but from others.

I am able to feel individuals to the very depths of their soul. I am also able to feel groups of people, animals, some places and even some things around us that are not visible. I am also often able to read someone’s life purpose, future trends and how people will react to certain people or products. Distance and time do not seem to matter. I am able to read people over the phone, in another room or in person. Now there is even a term for it, hyper-empathy. I have been wrong about a great many things in my life but I have never been wrong about what I feel inside someone when I read them.

There are times when I can take on the emotional pain of others and give them some temporary relief. There was a period in my life that I did this too much and did not give myself the time needed to get rid of this darkness. I ended up in very severe depression because of it. Now I am very careful about doing that sort of thing.

It took me many years to learn how to differentiate between my feelings and those of others around me or those connected to me. I still must be very mindful of all emotions to discern where they come from. I cannot turn this ability off but I can now watch emotions without reacting to them. I have also learned how to not intrude on the emotions of others.

I cannot tell the future nor do I try. I cannot choose winning lotto numbers. I cannot hear the thoughts of others unless their thoughts are in alignment with their feelings and beliefs. I am not a psychic although some people consider hyper-empathy a form of ESP. I do not. I just consider it a normal ability based upon the fact that all things are connected. I am able to experience life without the separations.

I believe that there are some people who are just born with this innate ability to one level or another. I also believe that many people can be trained to increase their empathy. Everyone has the ability to be empathetic to one extent or another. I have trained many people to be more empathetic. As long as they practice they usually get better at it.

There are certainly some downsides to being an empath but there are a great many benefits and the ability is applicable in many areas of life, spirituality and business. In my own life I use this ability as an empath for my work in marketing, writing, innovating, inventing, business, spirituality and psychotherapy.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in making use of my abilities as an empath you can contact me here. I am open to numerous possibilities.

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