The Search for Enlightenment

jurmala-latvia-2016-150dpi-5321Searching for Enlightenment is like searching for warm water while you are standing in warm water at a Caribbean beach.

Let’s define Enlightenment as the conscious recognition of your true Self. The One Self, the Divine Self, the Infinite Self. The Self that is One with God. You are this now. You have always been this and will always be this. So as long as you are searching you cannot find the Self. When you tire of the search and surrender out of exhaustion you will then find what you were seeking and always were to begin with. The search creates the illusion of two, the searcher and the One being searched for, when there really is only One.

There is nothing wrong with spiritual searching. It is perfectly normal. But if you are tired of searching and want, more than anything in the world, to experience Enlightenment, then this is probably a good place to relax, read, practice, listen and ask questions.

Spiritual searching can be quite addictive. It can lead us into dark corners, bright lights, ups and downs. It can be fulfilling and exhausting. Most spiritual seekers I have met over the years are quite happy searching. The prefer spending their lifetime exploring one or more spiritual paths. They would rather seek enlightenment than find it. There are many who believe that only the great gurus of India or saints of the past can attain enlightenment.

Buddha photo by Jon Shore

There are some who believe that enlightenment leads to instant health, wealth and magical abilities. I have not found any of this to be true.

Again, if your desire is to seek Enlightenment then this blog will be one stop along your journey. If you are ready and willing to give up the search to experience Enlightenment then I will do my very best to help you.