What is the Purpose of Human Life? by Jon Shore

In general, the purpose of human life is to live life.

Fully, completely, openly, honestly and authentically – every moment of every day so that at the end of human life you have no regrets.

It is really that simple.

Live Life Fully

To accomplish this it is essential to have self-awareness. To authentically be yourself you must know who you are. In this pursuit you have a number of choices.

  1. You can focus on the human personality. Come to know all your beliefs, emotions, desires, motivations, reactions, etc. Know every aspect of your human self and change the aspects that cause you to not be the very best you can be.
  2. In addition to knowing your human self you can learn and understand more about your deeper and non-corporeal self. You can learn more about, what some people call, your spiritual nature. There are thousands of topics to study in this realm. Some are helpful and applicable and many are not. As you study you will learn which are which by being discerning.
  3. But ultimately, to fulfill the purpose of being human it is essential to surrender all of the above and to dissolve into the Infinite, Immortal Self, Infinite Consciousness, until there is nothing left of you. No beliefs, no knowledge, no understanding, no motivations, no desires, no mind of your own, no possessions, no personality of your own, nothing of your own. You must surrender the human identity and the illusion that you are a unique, separate personality or spirit. When you do this you will have relinquished the illusion of control. Then the Infinite Self, the True Self, guides every action and reaction. It lives authentically as ‘you’ on a moment to moment, daily basis effortlessly. When It does this the purpose of human life is fulfilled. Life is lived perfectly and flows elegantly.

When you dissolve into the Infinite Sea of Consciousness, the True Self, understanding will follow. The understanding will not be yours but it will be present.

So, no matter how you do this, the purpose of life is always the same. Whether you imagine that you are a human being or an individual spirit living life or you surrender all the illusions and just Be the True Self, the purpose of human life is to live life, fully and authentically every instant of every day no matter what that includes.

Be yourSelf and live life fully.

If you would like to learn more about Self-Awareness there are many articles here about how to accomplish this. I am also here to help and support you in this if you wish. Just contact me or post your questions.

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