Chapter 3 – Freedom from Anger

It is possible you are reading this chapter because anger is a problem in your life or in the life of someone you know. It is also likely that you have tried at least a few methods for dealing with anger and that they have not worked for you the way you had hoped.

I am not going to suggest that you express, embrace, deny or sublimate this anger. None of the practices in this book include yelling, screaming or hitting innocent telephone books. There will be no ‘telling someone off’ or any writing of angry letters. There will also be no ‘stuffing’ the anger you feel away in a hidden box. These teachings are about dissolving anger once and for all, not perpetuating it.

Whether you are angry or not
has no bearing on your value as a being.
You are always a beautiful,
precious being, no matter what.

These practices are only offered to you as an opportunity to rid yourself of anger if you wish to. Even if all the practices and premises are not entirely acceptable to you at first, try them out. Again, try this as an experiment. See what happens. You can always bring anger back if you feel uncomfortable without it. It will be most happy to return.

Here are two principles regarding anger…

Principle One

There is no such thing as righteous or justified anger.

Principle Two

Anger is never a legitimate source of strength.
Anger is always a weakness.

Remember these two principles. A great deal depends upon them.

You may have been told that anger and frustration are an inevitable part of being human, that they are an essential part of who you are. You are told that anger can be used as a strength and motivator; that anger protects, anger gives you power, anger is good. You may have even feel that without anger you would be weak and others would step all over you, that you would be a victim all your life. You may also have been brought up to sublimate or hide anger. These are the misunderstandings that many counselors, therapists, philosophers and authors have perpetuated for centuries. These misunderstandings do us all a great disservice and have caused countless battles, hurts, illnesses, divorces and deaths.

Now and then a rare, wise and enlightened one appears among us telling us that anger is a lie, a weakness, a shadow that wishes us only to feel separate from each other and from God. Our histories remember these people as the greatest among us. In their time though they are usually ridiculed, chastised and /or killed.

Like all other shadows, anger is a lie and a weakness. It will drain you of energy. After the effects of the endorphins your body
releases during a period of anger have worn off, aren’t you tired? Trying to discuss a problem while anger is present makes real communication impossible. In business or law, anger is perceived as a weakness and causes the angry party to be vulnerable and easily manipulated. In a martial arts contest, the one who fights with anger loses.

If anger was truly the friend and power it is claimed to be then why does it prove itself to be one of the most destructive forces in our
world? And why, when it’s incredibly destructive nature is plainly visible for all to see, do some who guide us claim that it is essential we embrace anger and express it?

Anger, like all the other facets of darkness, wants only to perpetuate itself and to feed on the pain, fear, sadness, guilt and anger it
causes. It fills you with the belief that it is an essential and inescapable part of you, that it is necessary to your survival. Anger tells you that it is your best defense, that without it you will be weak and easily hurt. It states these ideas quite convincingly as if they were absolute facts. Lie all shadows, it speaks to you in the first person. You feel it in your body, not outside of you. Under these circumstances it is understandable that anger’s expressions are believed and perpetuated. Have you ever had the experience of expressing anger and then, later, apologized with the phrase, “I don’t know what got into me. I just lost it. Something just took over and I couldn’t help myself.”?

Anger is not you.
There is no anger in who you really are.

It takes great courage and vigilance to disassociate from anger and to dissolve it. The practices described later in this book will help
you with this process.

If you dissolve anger then what will protect you? What will help you prevent others from harming you or taking advantage of you?


Love will protect you. You will stand up for yourself with love. You will be able, with absolute authority, to say no or yes, with love.
Love is far, far more than just a pleasant emotion. Love is absolute power. In the martial arts, it is called Chi. Love is God, and God is Love. When we live this truth, anger becomes irrelevant and powerless. It is seen for what it is, a shadowy distraction, nothing real, a contrast we can experience the truth.

For many years I worked out in gyms and watched other people use anger to lift weights. It seemed to work fairly well. So I wanted to test my theory. So I started doing leg presses using Infinite Love for the energy needed to press the weights with my legs. I was finally able to press 1000 pounds doing this in a gym in Northern California. I am not a big guy so it was a huge accomplishment for me.

Love is your Real strength.
Love is your Real power.
Love is your Real identity.

Remember, we are not isolated islands of flesh, emotions and thoughts. The anger you carry with you touches all those around you and can even affect events in your life. The energy that anger radiates can hurt or repel those who you wish least to harm or be separate from. Even when you think the anger you felt has passed because you expressed it, let it go or ‘stuffed’ it away; that anger is still around you and in you. Just because you may not feel it at the moment does not mean that it is gone. Its effects can be far
reaching and long term to both mind and body.

If you commit yourself to dissolving anger then you must be very vigilant. You will not have the luxury of allowing even the smallest bit of anger or frustration to ‘hang around’. You must dissolve every last particle of it. You must continually use it to remind yourself of who and what you really are and you must be your True Self in your daily life.

This little book will teach you how to use anger and then to dissolve it. The practices here will help you keep anger from ever distracting you again.

Try this experiment with anger. Ask yourself this question;

If this anger is not me or any part of me then who am I?

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