The First Priority by Jon Shore

In Self-Awareness Therapy establishing priorities is an essential exercise and living those priorities is a necessary daily practice and lifestyle.

What does priority mean – a priority is an intellectual construct. It’s a way of instructing the ego how to deal with life based upon a set of values, desires, goals, beliefs and needs. Your priorities may include; family, physical and mental health, work, money, intellectual pursuits, education, sustenance, survival, relationships, socializing, entertainment, happiness, peace, causes, helping others, politics, getting what you want and many other possible priorities.

But no matter what a priorities list includes, the first priority must always be experiencing and living the True Self. No other priority even comes close.

What is the True Self?

The True Self is the Infinite, Immortal Sea of Consciousness that you are right this moment, have always been and will always be. It has many names; Being, Emptiness, Nothingness, The Void, The Infinite, Consciousness, Awareness, Light, The Self, Soul, Spirit, Energy, Life, quantum field, and thousands of others. I  usually use the term True Self or Consciousness.

This True Self or Consciousness is not yours nor does it belong to you. It is what you are but it is not yours. Consciousness belongs to that which is beyond names or definition but is often called; the Creator, That which is Being All, Infinite Mind, the Source, All That Is, the Divine, God and a thousand other names.

To live the True Self is to consciously live as the experiencing of the Creator. To live the True Self is to consciously be a physical expression of the Divine. Living the True Self means living in a state of surrender where every choice, action and reaction are all pure expressions of the One Creator, the One Mind. If you’re living and being the True Self, life’s experiences just flow, everything falls into place. Priorities are already established and in place naturally without intellectual effort. If one is truly Self-aware and living the True Self then establishing priorities is not really necessary to function optimally in life. The Infinite, Immortal Mind controls and drives all choices, reactions, actions and events.

Why Bother with Establishing Priorities?

“The source of all suffering in life is the misidentification of who and what you are”.

Physical reality is a phenomenally immersive experience and is full of distractions that are so easy to get caught up in. It is easy to become distracted by daily life; relationships, work, play, emotions, entertainment, health issues, family, problems and struggles. It is extremely easy to begin mis-identifying as the ego, the separate personality. Therefore experiencing and Being the True Self in daily life usually requires periodic reminders. I usually recommend a number of meditation and mindfulness practices for doing this which I will list a few of in a moment.

The key to the success with these meditation and mindfulness practices for experiencing the True Self is making the experience and living of the True Self your number one priority. Nothing else even comes close. If you make consciously being and living the True Self your number one priority then everything else in life will fall into place perfectly.

Doing these meditations and practices must be more than just a periodic activity, it is a lifestyle. At first it can feel like a great deal of work and it requires commitment and discipline. The ego, the ‘me’ will fight this at every turn and will do everything it can to distract and discourage you. But, eventually, the ego will fade and take its proper place and perform its proper functions. After a while this lifestyle becomes automatic and is lived effortlessly. Feeling and being the True Self will, literally, take the length of time it takes to take a deep breath and release it.

Following are some short meditation practices you can do to be aware of, to be and to live the True Self in day to day life. They are in no particular order and can be practiced at any time, day or night. It is best to practice them as often as possible. At least every hour during the day and evening if not more often.

Mindfulness Meditation 2

Mindfulness Meditation 7

How to Dissolve Meditation

Morning Meditation

Seek that which never changes

The universe is a hologram

I have also created a number of guided meditations for experiencing and living the True Self that you can use if you like. They are available at and the Shop at

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