Chapter 9 – Epilogue: The Final Step to End Suffering

Now, at the end of this journey, it is time to share with you the last ingredient that will allow you to feel and experience the freedom you seek on a consistent basis.

Imagine this; you are standing in the center of a large room. All around you are appearing metaphoric images of your emotions, beliefs and past experiences, both negative and positive, dark and light. They appear as people, creatures or any other sort of thought forms. Use your imagination. You are in the center of all of them. The room can grow according to how many images appear to you. Feel them as much as possible. Be honest with yourself.

Now contemplate this idea…

“None of these emotions, beliefs, metaphors, images or experiences are mine. None of them are who I am. Even the body I have identified with is not who I am”.

If none of this is who you are then what is left? What is left is who you Really are.

When you can feel the Real you then take a deep breath and dissolve into it. Let go completely into Reality.

Now the search is over. Now you are home.

The beautiful Spirit that you are is One with God right this moment. You have never been anywhere or anyone else. It is not possible. To experience this is to experience Grace.

To experience this ultimate freedom you must be willing to give up both sides of the human experience, the positive as well as the negative. As long as you struggle to experience joy as opposed to sadness then the sadness will always be part of your experience. This is called dualism. If you are willing to let go of both swings of the pendulum then you will experience the freedom that God is. The Love you will experience will be far beyond any love you have experienced. So too the Joy, Ecstasy, Compassion, Peace and Creativity. You will fulfill all your commitments with grace and flow. You will be the best partner, friend, employee, employer, spouse, parent and person you could possibly imagine. You will miss out on nothing. You will experience all aspects of life as God experiences them; unbound and free. This is your birthright. This is what Jesus, Buddha and the great saints have tried to tell you.

This is the simple Truth

that makes you free.

Relax, and enjoy yourSelf.

Live and BE yourSelf.

If you would like to use a recorded guided meditation of this process download the mp3, Walking into the Light. You can find it by clicking on the cover below.

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