Chapter 6 – Freedom from Depression

Since you are reading this chapter it may be that you or someone you know is experiencing depression. The thoughts and feelings about depression as well as the 14 practices for dissolving depression I share with you later in this book, all come from my own personal experiences and from the experiences of clients and students I have worked with over the past 30 years. I utilize a spiritual approach to ending depression since this is the most effective way I have found of dissolving it.

Over the years there have been many volumes written about depression from as many different viewpoints. The narrow scope of this chapter is to provide you with some simple, yet powerful tools to dissolve depression once and for all. This is not a deep psychological or medical exploration of depression. Here I am focused on providing you with a clear, honest and understandable guide to ending the pain, sadness and anxiety from a spiritual perspective.

The intellect may want to argue with what is said here. Intellectual arguments will not dissolve depression. As much as possible, read with an open mind. Test these practices for yourself. Others have been through this darkness before you, including myself. This book is a guide out of that same darkness.

There are many factors that can open the door to depression – emotional trauma, heredity, life changes, allergies, disease, improper diet, drugs, alcohol, environment and an thousand others. Changing one’s habits or diet can end some depressions. Some depressions are only temporary in nature and will fade in a matter of days or weeks.

The depression addressed in this chapter does not disappear in a few days or a few weeks. The depression discussed here lingers on and on. It is a bottomless pit of darkness and hopelessness. It does not respond to counseling, medication or changes in environment or diet. This depression is constant and everlasting pain, sadness, anxiety, fear and feelings of worthlessness. It causes one to wish only for release from the pain of human life. It is life in a dark fog within which one has no concept of purpose or direction. This depression causes one to make poor decisions that lead to ever deeper darkness. In this darkness there is no concept or memory of joy or love and no hope that there ever will be.

When I first confronted depression it told me that I would be nothing without it, that it was part of me and that I would not survive without it. You may hear or feel some of those same thoughts or others. Do not believe them. Depression does not have your best interests at heart and it cannot tell the truth. At the end of this book is a meditation for you to use to dissolve the depression. Use this meditation twice a day, every day. Record it yourself or get the available companion mp3 to this book.

Remember: The Soul that you are is never depressed, it has never been depressed nor could it ever be. Depression, darkness is what you are not and could never be. It is your shadow. It defines who you are by being what you are not.

Depression is the shadow, a metaphor
That defines the light that you are.
The Spirit that you are is a unique,
Pure and perfect expression of God,
Of Infinite Love.
Your many attributes include Joy,
Love, Peace and Wisdom.
Each is expressed in your
Own unique way.
There is not darkness
In who you are, period.

The way out of depression and suffering is a journey rooted in the two simple and profound premises stated at the beginning of this book.

These premises are:

You are a pure, perfect, pristine
Spirit having a human experience.
You are not a human having
Spiritual experiences.

God is Infinite Love, Truth, Light,
Joy, Peace, Abundance and Goodness;
And God is All.

Keep this in the forefront of your thoughts throughout the day and night.

For this process to work and for you to feel the peace, love and bliss that re your birthright and identity you must do and live all 14 practices as if your life depended upon it. There can be nothing more important than living your Soul, that being true to yourSelf. Nothing.

This is not selfishness or narcissism. You will not lose your compassion towards others. In fact, you will have more to give in all areas of your life. The better you feel, the more you will be able to fulfill all your responsibilities with grace and flow. Let nothing distract you from these practices, for this is your path to joy and fulfillment. This is your way home.

Ask yourself this question;

If there is no depression in who I am,
Then who am I?

Who are you?

(For more about depression read this article here at this website, Depression – A Spiritual Approach To Being Free of Depression).

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