What is Mindfulness?

Simply put;
Mindfulness is paying attention to this very moment.

Paying attention objectively, without preconceived beliefs and notions,
without expectations.

Mindfulness. Chair on a Lake in Poland by Jon Shore. © 2016 All Rights ReservedWhen applied to meditation, mindfulness offers a simple and powerful way to experience deep relaxation as well as self-awareness. Mindfulness meditation allows us to know what we are feeling, what we believe, what is holding us back and how to get beyond limitations. Mindfulness meditation provides us with the awareness of all the answers to our questions since those answers are already within us. Mindfulness helps us be aware of the next steps to take in our lives. Mindfulness allows us to know and to feel the True Self. 

When applied to daily life, mindfulness allows us to go through the day smoothly and elegantly while avoiding the stumbles that most people consider normal. When you are hyper-aware of everything going on around you and within you, you are much less likely to have or cause an accident. You are able to step around the stumbling blocks that present themselves or to deal with them in the most productive manner. As in mindfulness meditation, you are able to clearly see the next steps to take in life.  

Breckenridge by Jon Shore © 2016 Jon ShoreSkiing is a passion for me. I love skiing. For two years I was fortunate enough to be a ski instructor in Colorado. Skiing is a perfect example of how mindfulness works in life. If I am skiing in a mindful manner, paying minute attention to every aspect of my body, turns and environment then my skiing is beautiful, enjoyable and safe. If I am not paying close attention to all of those aspects then I am likely to have a much lower quality experience or even an accident. The times that I have been injured while skiing have been because I was not paying minute attention and was not using the skills I have access to.  

Mindfulness in daily life opens an entirely new view to you. You begin to see details that you had missed before. Your appreciation of life becomes far more profound. Your understanding of others becomes more insightful.  

In work and business, mindfulness is extremely powerful. Fewer stumbles and bad choices mean better results for yourself and your company. Imagine your performance if you were paying close attention to every aspect and detail of your work throughout the day. When companies are run in a mindful way they are much more successful and everyone using mindfulness in that company is more creative, productive and happier in their work and their lives. 

Mindfulness meditation can be done while sitting comfortably with your eyes closed and it can be done while living your day to day life.

Mindfulness has no negative side effects. It offers us the opportunity to live life to its fullest without regrets. When living life with mindfulness we are living the life our Soul wants to live.

Like anything else in life that we wish to be good at it takes a great deal of practice to become very good at mindfulness meditation and mindful life. But the benefits are enormous and well worth the gentle effort.

If you are interested in Mindfulness training for yourself personally or for your company, feel free to contact me. I offer these trainings worldwide for individuals or groups anywhere you wish.

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If you would like to use a guided mindfulness meditation to get you started I highly recommend the mp3, Meditation 1 and Meditation 2 at Light Unlimited Publishing.

I have also posted many mindfulness exercises here that you are welcome to use. 

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