Practical Spirituality & Enlightenment

The discovery of our true identity is a wondrous thing. But Enlightenment is not a goal or an achievement nor is it an end in itself. Enlightenment is our natural state. The state we act from in the world.

What does that look like? What do we do?

Living the Divine Self includes taking a shower, going to work, cooking, relationships, cleaning and doing good works. As the Zen proverb states; “Before Enlightenment you chop wood and carry water. After Enlightenment you chop wood and carry water”.

As we live as the Self we are also inspired to do ‘good works’ for the world we live in. It is usually not necessary to think about what to do, the inspiration comes, it fills us and we act. The actions you take are an expression of the Divine in the physical world. Events in the physical world will support these actions.

Each of us is an expression of the Divine focused in physical reality to participate in life, to experience physical existence and to interact with each other. This can manifest in a billion different scenarios. For some it involves living in a monastery in the mountains of Nepal. For most it involves working, playing, eating, sleeping, relationships, joy, love, pain and suffering.

There are many things that seem to change when we awaken to  the real Self but what is most important is that we live that authentic Self in day to day life for the benefit of all beings. It is essential that we recognize that we are absolutely interdependent with each other and all life.

multiverse2We are One Being expressing ItSelf as trillions of life forms. If you are here, there is a reason for it. Don’t miss out. Enlightenment is only the beginning.

Good meditations to work with are:
Letting Go
Leaving Behind the Darkness
Walking Into the Light