Meditation Music

Meditation Music

Over the past few months I have been asked a number of questions about music for meditation and mindfulness meditation and what I would recommend. Like all music, meditation music is subject to personal tastes. Some people like listening to Indian Ragas and some people prefer soft synthesizer, piano or flute music. Some people swear by music with binaural beats, mantras or Tibetan bells. Often it is preferable to meditate with no music or sound at all but just to have silence. For me, it depends upon my mood at the moment.

My personal experience is that meditation music is quite specific in its attributes. It should have very little, if any, melody that the mind can attach itself to. It should be consistently soft without any loud moments. If it has a beat it should never be faster than 60 beats per minute which causes the brain to match that beat which produces Alpha waves. It should last at least 30 minutes so you have time to enjoy your musical meditation. Meditation music should calm your mind and body. Sometimes it is helpful to have nature sounds mixed with the music to enhance that calming effect. Often even 30 minutes of a nice relaxing stream or ocean waves will cause the mind and body to relax.

If you are meditating or practicing mindfulness to feel your true nature and feel lasting and deep inner peace then meditation music should enhance your meditation experience. It is not just relaxing music. It is more than that. It is music that helps you feel your real Self. It is best when meditation music is not emotional. It can be pleasant but not cause you to feel any particular human emotion. Meditation music, at its best, should help you to experience the Self, take you beyond the limitations of the human mind.

I have created a great deal of meditation music over the years. Most of it was used by one company or another for background music for meditation. Some of it I published because I wanted to share my favorites with others. You can find my meditation music at and can download it as mp3 files to play on any mp3 player or make your own CD.

I hope this information has been helpful. The most appropriate answer you can get about meditation music is to experiment for yourself and find what works for you.

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