The Power of Self Awareness

Right this very moment you have access to a state of mind and being that is free from past traumas, sadness, depression, anxiety, fear, anger, pain, hatred, ignorance, loneliness and guilt. This state of mind is your birthright. It is always available to you no matter how far you feel you have strayed from it or how impossible it seems to be at the moment.

Beyond all your physical experiences, personality traits, beliefs, emotions, reactions, memories, experiences and attributes is an unchanging, pure, perfect core Self. The Self is without form and without limits. The Self is immortal, infinite and without age. The Self is neither born nor does it die. The Self is absolutely unaffected and untouched by anything that occurs in your physical life. The Self is never depressed, anxious, angry, ignorant, lost, lonely, spiteful, vindictive, weak, confused, ill or hurt. The True Self is powerful, compassionate, confident, caring, loving and understanding but beyond the human concepts of these attributes.

The Self is what and who you really are – this is your True Self.

To be aware of and to feel this True Self gives you the ability to resolve any emotional trauma or to overcome any mental illness or personality disorder. It also provides you with a sense of inner peace that is unshakeable.

How can you be aware of and experience the True Self?

Experiencing the True Self is a demanding endeavor that requires courage, commitment, patience and honest, deep introspection. Being aware of the True Self does not require a great intellect, long hours of study, intellectual understanding, religion or any particular lifestyle. Experiencing the True Self also does not require that you travel to a faraway place, live in a cave or enter a monastery.

While it can be extremely helpful to have a guide, therapist or teacher who has experienced Self-awareness and who knows how to support you to experience this for yourself, it is not essential. You can learn to do this on your own. There are many who have come before you who have shared their journeys, experiences, methods and guidance in various forms. Read about, listen to and watch the advice and teachings they have provided. Put into practice the methods and practices they have recommended.

While the True Self is experienced as compassionate, accepting, powerful, confident, understanding, loving and fearless you cannot experience the True Self by attempting to adopt or live these attributes. These attributes are only poor attempts to describe the experience of the True Self. These attributes are just human interpretations of an experience beyond the ability of words to describe.

What does it take to experience True Self-awareness?

It requires honest self-examination, fearless introspection and open self-reflection. After you have examined all aspects of your personality, your mind and your physical condition, it then demands the willingness to let go of all preconceived beliefs and ideas and to examine yourself from an objective perspective. Then it requires that you let go of everything you think you are; your history, your judgements, your emotions, your desires, your accomplishments, your guilts, your joys and your sorrows, your successes and your failures, your intellectual understandings and your desire to understand.

Finally, deep and honest Self-awareness requires that you surrender the belief that you are a unique, separate, independent human being. True Self-awareness demands

that you dissolve into the Infinite Sea of Consciousness, the Quantum field, until there is nothing left of you. Like a drop of water dissolving into an unending sea. True Self-awareness requires that you give up who you think you are and have been pretending to be, to be who and what you really are and always have been.

There are numerous tools and practices that are very helpful for experiencing Self-awareness. Meditation and mindfulness are two that are essential. Over the years I have developed many meditations and other practices to help my clients and students experience Self-awareness and to live that True Self in day to day life. I have posted many of them here at this website. Work with them if you wish. If you are absolutely committed you will experience the True Self that you are.


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