Find Your Self, Be Your Self


For many years I have watched as motivational and spiritual teachers, writers,  lecturers, trainers, therapists, coaches and well-meaning friends, teach a serious misinterpretation of this quote, so I wanted to clarify these statements to clear up any misconceptions.

Find your Self – By this I mean that you should find and feel who you really are. Find and feel the Spirit that you are. The infinite Soul or Consciousness that is being you. Your Source. Not the ego or the individual personality with a long history that it carries around like a backpack full of rocks.

Be your Self – Be the true Self, be the Soul that you are, be the Spirit that you are. Be authentically that One. Live that Self every day as much as possible in every situation. This does not mean being jerk if that is what you are emotionally or intellectually experiencing at that moment. The Self is never a jerk, or hurtful, or depressed, or angry.

The Self is compassionate and empathetic. The Self is loving, kind, caring, wise, understanding, strong, confident and flexible. The Self knows where it is going, what it needs and wishes to do and does everything it needs and wishes to do with grace and flow.

If one understands these quotes from the perspective of the ego, the one who thinks they are an individual who is not responsible to anyone else, they risk becoming a selfish narcissist without compassion, sense of responsibility, empathy or true understanding of their spiritual nature. I have seen this happen all too often, especially amongst those on spiritual searches or involved in self-help and motivational programs. It is one of the root causes of the selfish, self-centered ‘me generation’ and the selfish societies we now live in.

Please remember, you are the Self and the Self is the infinite, immortal Consciousness that is Being all things. You are not the ego. The ego, personality, is only a mechanism for functioning in this physical world. It was never meant to be the focus of your identity. It is like a car. It carries you around but it is not who you are.

When you are truly Being the Self you will absolutely know what to do and what to say in every instant. You will know which direction to turn, when to move and when to stop moving. Your physical body and mind will be directed clearly by Infinite Awareness, the Soul. Life will flow.

We are all One. We are all connected. On this earth we are all responsible to and for each other. We are here to support one another, to protect one another, to love one another and to remind one another of our true nature so that we can all make the most of this physical earthly sojourn.

So when you see this quote, remember what it really means; Be the Soul. Live the Soul in all things.

Take care,

I am listening.