The Enlightenment Series – Advanced Guided Meditations

These are advanced guided meditations for experiencing Spiritual Enlightenment or Awakening as well as overcoming suffering and dealing with chaos. They are created as a series but they do not need to be used in any particular order.

I have created these guided meditations for my regular clients and students. They are very powerful but they can also be disconcerting for those who are not prepared. It is highly recommended that you have experience with deep meditation before attempting these and that you also have some conceptual understanding of surrender, ego death, dissolving and nothingness before doing these meditations. If you are in therapy or dealing with depression, self-destructive tendencies, or a serious mental illness I suggest speaking with your therapist before using the Enlightenment series. If you have questions regarding your personal readiness for using these meditations you can contact me using the contact form.

I recommend that you practice with the following guided meditations before working with the Enlightenment Series –

Letting Go
The Pyramid
Beyond the Light
The Light Sphere
Dissolving the Shadows

Each meditation is available with voice only or with voice and soft musical background. You are welcome to download either or both.

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The Enlightenment Series by Jon Shore

These meditations open up infinite possibilities for you. But they must be done without any agenda or purpose on your part to be effective. It is a paradox that can only be understood after you have experienced Enlightenment. So I will not list any specific purposes or accomplishments you can expect. It is best to have no expectations when doing these meditations. No desires, no goals. Just let go and experience the True Self. Nothing else. All the scripts are written from personal experience and the experiences of many others and have been proven to be effective for years. The more you practice these the more effective they will be. Never give up. What you are seeking is readily available to you every moment no matter what has been distracting you.

Total Surrender

Total Surrender – LU-100, LU-100-2


Total Surrender is a guided meditation to guide you into surrender and dissolution of the ego, the personality, the ‘me’ into the Infinite Sea of Consciousness until there is nothing left of you. It is designed to make this experience very real. It is also designed to make the experience of Oneness be accessible any time and anywhere. Each meditation is approximately 11 minutes long. LU-100 is with voice only and silence. LU-100-2 is with voice and soft, meditative background music from the To Touch the Light album.

LU-100 Voice Only

LU-100-2 With Voice and Music

The Wellspring of Creation

The Wellspring of Creation LU-101, LU-101-2

The Wellspring of Creation is a guided meditation to guide you into experiencing the Creator of all that is. When we surrender and dissolve into the Infinite Sea of Consciousness we are able to experience new possibilities. This meditation opens that gateway. In the instant that we are dissolved into the Infinite Sea of Awareness, the wellspring of creation, everything is possible. Each meditation is approximately 16 minutes long. LU-101 is with voice only and silence. LU-101-2 is with voice and soft, meditative background music from the Concert for the Angels album.


LU-101 Voice Only

LU-101-2 Voice and Music

Singular Focus, Into the Infinite

Singular Focus – Into the Infinite – LU-102, LU-102-2

Singular Focus, Into the Infinite is an advanced guided meditation that teaches you how to focus on one small item and then to expand your focus and to dissolve into the Infinite to experience Enlightenment. This is a meditation done with eyes open that can be done standing, walking, sitting or lying down. This meditation should only be done in a safe space. It should not be done while driving or any other activity that requires paying close attention with multiple senses.

Each meditation is approximately 17 minutes long. LU-102 is with voice only and silence. LU-102-2 is with voice and soft, meditative Tibetan Bells in the background. The Tibetan Bells come from the Tibetan Memories album.

LU-102 Voice Only

LU-102-2 Voice with Music

Dissolving Shadows – Advanced

Dissolving Shadows – Advanced  LU-103-1

Dissolving Shadows – Advanced is another advanced guided meditation in the Enlightenment Series. This meditation is designed to help dissolve not only shadows like pain, suffering, depression, fear, anxiety and other struggles within you but also within the world around you. If you are going to work with this meditation I highly recommend working first with both guided meditations in the Leaving Behind the Darkness series. This one will make more sense. Also read some of the articles here about Awareness and Consciousness and how everything that is, is included within who and what you are – Infinite Consciousness. The meditation is voice only at this time and is about 20 minutes long.


Accessing the Universe of Ideas for Innovation and Creative Problem Solving

Accessing the Universe of Ideas is an advanced guided meditation practice for creative problem solving, creativity, creating innovations and inventions. It is the companion meditation for the Universe of Ideas presentation at my Practical Spirituality YouTube channel.

Before working with this meditation I highly recommend working with both Surrender and The Light Sphere guided meditations. I also recommend reading the article, Innovation, Mindfulness and the Universe of Ideas here at this site.

Accessing the Universe of Ideas  LU-104-1


Advanced Mindful Walking

Advanced Mindful Walking is an active guided meditation that can be done while walking anywhere and at any time. Turn every walk into a meditation and learn how to be mindful throughout the day and evening.

This exercise is approximately 12 minutes long and is without any musical background.

Advanced Mindful Walking   LU-105


Evening Meditation

This guided meditation is created to do before going to sleep. It is specifically designed to help you let go of the concerns of the day, distracting thoughts and emotions and to experience a sense of security, comfort and peace. The meditation exercise will also teach you how to relax and feel peace at any time day or night with just a deep breath.

Begin this meditation by getting comfortable and ready to go to sleep. Then just follow the gentle guided instructions. If you have difficulty in getting to sleep, working with the Sleep guided relaxation audio is highly recommended as well.

This exercise is approximately 15 minutes long without any background sounds or music.

Evening Meditation  LU-108

Morning Meditation

This guided meditation is designed and created to do first thing in the morning when you awaken. It is best to listen to and work with before starting your day. Before beginning the meditation be sure you are comfortable. Use the toilet first if you need to. It can be done lying down or sitting up with eyes opened or closed. Jon’s soothing, experienced and confident voice will guide you.

This meditation will help you feel the profound peace that is all around and within you and the infinite energy and motivation that are available to you. You will also learn how to access and feel these any time throughout the day or night anywhere you are.

This exercise is approximately 15 minutes long and is without any background sounds or music.

Morning Meditation  LU-109