On the Nature of Reality – New Book for 2020

On this page I will post excerpts from the new book I am working on. My intention is to have this book completed and available by June of 2020 but it it takes a bit longer than it will. As always, I will do my best for you. I have made the commitment to write and finish this book.

Below is the first draft of the table of contents and the Introduction. As I improve on these writings I will update them. I do not plan to post the entire book online. I will let you know when and where the completed book will be available and where after it is completed.

On the Nature of Reality

by Jon Shore
© 2016 Jon Shore
All Rights Reserved Worldwide

  1. Introduction
  2. The Nature of Physical Reality
    1. The Sphere
    2. The Holographic nature of the Sphere
    3. Time & Space
    4. Probabilities
    5. Light & Dark
    6. Realms
    7. Creation
  3. Humanness
    1. Physical
    2. Emotions
    3. Beliefs
    4. Death
  4. The Source
  5. Reaching out to Understand the Nature of Reality
    1. Scientific method
    2. Religion
    3. Art
    4. Spirituality
    5. Transcendence
  6. Experiencing the Source – Enlightenment
    1. Living in the Sphere with an Enlightened Perspective


Is physical reality real or is it an illusion? Are human emotions real or nothing more than fleeting clouds? Who and what are you, do you really die, are you finished at death or do you still exist? Are you a human being or are you a spirit having a human experience for an instant in time and space? What is the source of all life? Is there a God or gods?

The questions go on and on. These are questions that humankind has grappled with since humans first walked the earth. There has been so much written about this topic I wondered what I might be able to add to it. I decided to write from my own personal experiences, studies and explorations. For those of you who have been reading my works over the years you know that I only share and teach what I have experienced personally and have proven to be true again and again. In this book, I will, necessarily, take a few steps beyond what I am able to prove but I will certainly abide by my rule to only share with you what I have personally experienced.


noun  par·a·dox \ˈper-ə-ˌdäks, ˈpa-rə-\  
A statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true.

Is the world we live in real or unreal? Are we in control of our lives or is there a greater force that controls our destiny? The answer to these questions is a paradox.

Yes, the world we live in real and it is unreal. We are in control of our lives and we are not in control of our lives. Light and dark, good and evil are real and they are not real. By the time you finish reading this book you will understand this paradox and the nature of Reality.  For now, it is not necessary to understand the nature of this paradox. You will soon enough. For now read with an open mind and a heart desirous of awakening.

In this book I will share with you the nature of Reality from the viewpoint of science using concepts such as holography, particle physics, quantum field theory, multiverse, time and space. We will also examine religious concepts and spiritual belief systems.

Mostly though, I will share with you the nature of Reality from a perspective outside of time, space, tangibility and individuality.  I will also, periodically, include and recommend meditations and other exercises for you to experience what I have described in this book.

I was just planning to write a few page treatise about the nature of Reality and then realized pretty quickly that I could not do this topic justice in such a short document. So I have committed to writing this book. It may take 6 months to write or it may take a year, but I will complete it and share with you my insights and experiences.

If you have questions about the nature of Reality and the Universe, please ask them. I will incorporate these into this book.

Take care,