Why Meditate in the Morning and the Evening by Jon Shore

Meditation is like a cleansing of the thoughts, actions, feelings, reactions, emotions and energy we pick up throughout the day and night. It’s like brushing your teeth, taking a shower or bath. It helps us feel clean and renewed. When we do certain meditations we begin the moment anew without any baggage.

This is why I recommend meditating the last thing in the evening before sleeping and the first thing in the morning before beginning the day. Cleanse the mental and emotional clutter and baggage or the day or night with your meditations.  Morning and evening meditations do not need to take a long time. You can easily fit them into your schedule.

Here is a meditation I recommend for the evening before going to sleep:

Evening Meditation

If you do this meditation every evening before sleeping you will enter the sleep cycle with a clearer mind and clearer emotions. This can also help you to be more aware, more consciously  interactive and less reactive during your dreams and to awaken in the morning with a feeling of peace.

If you awaken during the night you can repeat the meditation or just the last part of it. If you have a ‘bad’ dream you should do the meditation again. If you have a ‘bad’ dream or just experience ‘negative’ thoughts you can also do this morning meditation as soon as you wake up.

Here is the meditation I recommend upon waking up:

Morning Meditation

Use this meditation every single morning before getting out of bed. If you need to use the toilet then do so and then come back to bed and use this meditation. Don’t let a single morning go by without doing this meditation. It does not take that long but it will change the course of your day in many wonderful ways. Over time and with consistent practice you will notice that your day flows more smoothly and that potential problems are resolved with very little effort on your part. Or the potential problems do not even occur. Synchronicity becomes normal for you and the magic of creation and life become clearer. Everything in life just fits and falls into place. You will feel energized, creative and enjoy life more.

Work with these meditations every day. Make this an integral part of your lifestyle. Set this practice as a very high priority in your daily life. If you do this practice with absolute commitment and devotion it will improve your life in more ways than you can count or imagine.

I have also recorded these two meditations as pre-recorded guided meditations in extended versions that can be downloaded and played on your computer, phone or tablet.

There are also some other pre-recorded guided meditations that you can use if you like. Here is a list of those I recommend. Just click on the title to locate the meditation download.

Evening Meditation

Morning Meditation

Letting Go


The Flow

Beyond the Light

The Light Sphere

Dissolving the Shadows

Total Surrender


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