Self-Awareness Therapy And How I Work by Jon Shore

What is Self-Awareness Therapy?

Self-Awareness Therapy is a merging of modern science, traditional psychotherapies and ancient wisdom. It is practical and based upon many years of experience and research. Self-Awareness Therapy is a spiritual psychotherapy but not religious or dogmatic in any way. Most people, even those from various religious traditions, can feel comfortable with Self-Awareness Therapy and we can use any appropriate terminology that is comfortable.

Self-Awareness Therapy is based upon the premise that the core of you, the Self, the essence of you, is pure, perfect and pristine. It is untouched by the experiences of your life and your environment. It is free of distractions, pain, depression, anger, fear, ignorance, greed, unworthiness and all the other limitations a human being is prone to. The Self is not affected by the ups and downs of life.

Self-Awareness Therapy, SAT, has no structured format. It is flexible and intuitive. SAT incorporates elements of many different therapies and is adaptable to the needs, belief systems, interests, lifestyle and personality of each client. SAT includes talk therapy, the science behind mind/body relationships, meditation, mindfulness, deep empathy, creativity, intuition, introspection, education, self-care tools and customized practices for each client. Even the goals of SAT are flexible. The primary goal is self-awareness, inner peace, self-acceptance, clarity and fulfillment. How that appears in the life of each client may differ. For some clients it may be expressed as success in life, or in relationships or the enjoyment of life. For some it may mean living without emotional pain or limitations and learning the tools necessary to overcome and prevent depression, anger, fear, stress, self-sabotage and self-doubt.

Self-Awareness Therapy is especially effective for;

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • PTSD
  • Certain phobias
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Addictions
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Developing self-awareness
  • Innovative thinking
  • Improving management skills
  • Increasing empathy and interaction skills

How I Work

While I have a background and trainings in various psychotherapeutic modalities I primarily practice Self-Awareness Therapy now.

Even though I have experience as a diagnostician I seldom offer a diagnosis. In SAT a diagnosis has little value and can become problematic as another hurdle to overcome in therapy.

I believe that psychotherapy is a 7 day a week process rather than a 1 session per week process. Therefore, I usually give some sort of ‘homework’ each session for the following week or longer. I also ask most clients for a mid-week update by email each week between sessions. I will sometimes create custom practices, lifestyle changes, exercises and meditations for clients to use as the need arises.

Client responsibilities in Self-Awareness Therapy

My role as a psychotherapist is to act as your support, guide and mirror. Most of the work involved in therapy is yours and your responsibility. Therapy is not always easy and it is not magic. It takes commitment and work. I commit to the therapeutic relationship with you at 100% and I hope that you do as well. This way all the successes in therapy and in your life are yours.

The success of Self-Awareness Therapy relies a great deal upon your efforts. Those who put the suggestions and exercises into their regular daily routine will have a far better chance of success with this therapy. Self-Awareness Therapy provides you with the tools required to make the changes and adjustments necessary to heal, grow and get beyond past issues and limitations. All the tools you learn and the insights and wisdom you gain are yours for the rest of your life.

Self-Awareness Therapy sessions are usually conducted via video conferencing but in person sessions can be arranged. Workshops, lectures, retreats, trainings and seminars can also be organized for any size of group if you wish.

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