What is Spiritual Awakening

What is Spiritual Awakening?

The definition of Spiritual Awakening is quite simple. Spiritual Awakening is another term for Spiritual Enlightenment. Spiritual Awakening is remembering who and what you are. Remembering that you are and always have been Infinite, Immortal Consciousness. Spiritual Awakening is waking up and remembering that your real Identity is not the human mind, personality or body nor is it the one who claims to possess life. It is remembering that you are the Infinite Ocean or Sea of Consciousness, that you are One with all that exists.


















There are no pains, discomforts, struggles, illnesses, psychological or emotional traumas involved in Spiritual Awakening. When we experience Spiritual Awakening, we experience Bliss beyond bliss, Peace beyond peace. We experience absolute joy at the realization that all the struggles, trials and tribulations of our human lives have only been a dream that have not affected us in the least. We awaken and remember that we are untouched by any of the struggles that we have been through. It is like waking up from a nightmare and realizing that we have been sleeping in a big, cozy comfortable bed in an absolutely safe place with nothing but peace all around us and that we have never been anywhere else.

If you are experiencing emotional or psychological struggles then this is not Spiritual Awakening. It may be caused by a number of factors but it is most certainly not Spiritual Enlightenment.

How to experience Spiritual Awakening.

Spiritual Awakening is experienced by giving up everything that we are not which leaves us with what we actually are. We give up our; history, beliefs, thoughts, separateness, individuality, understandings, personality, struggles, control and the idea that we possess life. We surrender everything without knowing what will happen. We dissolve into the Infinite Ocean of Consciousness until we are only that Infinite Ocean of Consciousness. Until there is no longer a ‘me’ that feels separate and apart from anything. It can feel like death to do this but we do it anyway because we wish to experience the Truth of ourselves and of the nature of Life Itself more than anything.

The definition of Spiritual Awakening is very simple. To experience Spiritual Awakening is not so easy but it is possible for anyone to do this. It is your birthright and your true Identity.

There are a number of methods for experiencing Spiritual Awakening but they all eventually lead to the same place; Surrender and dissolution into the Infinite Ocean of Consciousness. To experience Awakening it is extremely helpful to have a guide, teacher or counselor to help you who has already experienced Enlightenment and is able to assist you. The teacher is just there to help you shed the distractions of what you are not so that you can experience what you truly are.  Yes, you can experience this without a guide but having someone who can assist you makes the process far easier.

Just remember that, right this very moment, you are already this Infinite Ocean of Consciousness. You have always been this and will always be this.

There are a number of my guided meditations that are helpful in experience Spiritual Awakening:

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