Let us begin at the end…..
In Truth, there is no dark,
there is no light,
there is only Infinite Love, God.
You have always been here
Because there is nowhere else to be.

This simple statement is the end of the seemingly long journey through dualism, (dark/light), to Infinite Peace, Fulfillment, Joy, Love and Creativity;  Enlightenment.

The teachings in this book will take you through a short period when you may feel that you are attempting to eradicate the shadows so that you can experience the light. This period will end and you will experience the Infinite Peace that is beyond both extremes. Be patient. The teachings and practices are meant to eventually guide you beyond the swinging pendulum of light and dark, emotions and beliefs. What you learn here will take you beyond the dualism that causes so much of your suffering and so many of your struggles.

To facilitate change it is essential to communicate with your unconscious and your deep inner Self. The essence of you that is already beyond this dualism. For this we use imagery, metaphors and feelings. Take your time and never doubt that you are capable of accomplishing this. You are.

Follow the instructions step by step and you will find you have dissolved the darkness and are living a happy and fulfilling life.
If you need help with these processes download some of the mp3 audios mentioned in the chapter.

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