You can get beyond the suffering you have been experiencing.

This is the last path.

All paths lead here.

No one seeking enlightenment or freedom from suffering ever begins with this path but everyone who has ever found Peace or enlightenment has ended up here.

It will take great courage to follow the steps laid out in this book. You will feel as if you are taking a great risk each and every step of the way. Sometimes you may even feel as if you are going to lose everything or even die. That is one of the reasons that most people will never take these steps. None of this is easy. It is easier to try everything and anything else to be free of pain, sadness, fear, anger, anxiety, depression and darkness.

There will be an inner voice that tells you the concepts presented here are irrational or that you have heard them before. Test them anyway. If what that inner voice told you was rational worked you would not be here. You would have found what you were looking for. You will need to take each of these steps as if you have nothing left to lose. As if there is nothing in the whole world more important than experiencing Peace, freedom from suffering or enlightenment. Nothing.

What I can tell you for certain is that you are not the first to stand here. Thousands and thousands throughout human history have been in the same position as you are right now. Looking for that last hope for Peace, for true happiness and to be free of the pain and fear. Each and every one of them who took these steps found what they were seeking.

You will too.


The world you live in and grew up in reinforces the belief that suffering is an inevitable piece of the human condition. That fear, anger, depression, sadness and pain are just a part of being human. Almost everything you experience in life reinforces this premise. Very seldom is it challenged.

What if there was a way out of suffering that really worked on a consistent basis? Would you be willing to do whatever was necessary to leave behind the shadows? Would you be willing to let go of the pain, low self-esteem, fear, anger, depression, sadness or pain?

Are you sure?

This small book is about how to experience freedom from suffering on a constant basis in your life. Of course, there are additional benefits as well – happiness, love, inner peace, fulfillment, success and a life that flows beautifully and gracefully. Despite appearances to the contrary, life is a wonderful opportunity to experience creativity, love, joy, peace, fun and compassion every day. It was never meant to be a ‘schoolhouse’ of suffering. You are not here to ‘learn’ lessons unless you believe that you are. You are here to experience life.

The philosophy and practices in this book have been tested for many years by many people and have proven themselves to work consistently. The intellect may not always agree with what is written here, but keep in mind, the intellect is not very well equipped to deal with emotions.

In this book you will learn to use imagery, feelings and metaphors to deal with the limitations and beliefs that have caused your suffering. There may be terms and concepts in this book that are new to you or that may have connotations that you are not comfortable with. You can always replace those words with ones that you are comfortable with or that you can relate to. Terms like shadows, darkness, etc. are meant to be metaphors, metaphors that elicit feelings. This is the way your unconscious and deep inner Self communicates therefore this is the best way to communicate with it. As you let yourself feel and examine these metaphors closely you will learn to go beyond them in your day to day life.

If at all possible, for the first reading, find a quiet place to read these words. This book is written to the Heart of you, the wise and knowing Spirit that you are. That Essence is best heard in stillness. The repetitions, rhythm and pace of the writing is done with a purpose. Just read without too much critical thinking for your first reading. You can contemplate the concepts more deeply during your second reading and beyond.

This book is divided into short chapters, each addressing a different emotion, belief, metaphor or ‘shadow’. Then you will be introduced to the 14 practices for dissolving shadows and living a fulfilling life. The final chapter contains a guided meditation that can be used to reinforce the 14 practices on a daily basis. Use this or the pre-recorded version. You will need to use this meditation every day for many months.

Since the word God is used quite often in this book I thought it would be best to explain what is referred to by the term. Here, the word God means Infinite Love, the Source of all creation. God is without gender or form and exists beyond time and space. Even though God is without form, God is the sole creator of everything. God is the Infinite Sentient Consciousness that permeates and manifests the entire Universe. If you are uncomfortable with the word God, feel free to replace it as you read. The words Allah, Brahma, Love, Peace, Tao, Light, Infinity, Unified Field, or any other that is comfortable for you, will do just as well.

The terms Spirit, Soul and Self are all interchangeable. Soul is a unique expression of God. It too exists beyond time and space and is without gender, age or form. It is a pure and pristine expression of Infinite Love. The Soul has no depression, fear, anger or any other shadows in it. It is the source of who you are and it is your Real Identity.

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