Mindfulness Meditation Video – Seasons of the Baltics

I have created a Mindfulness Video for you, the first of many, using some of my photos and my meditation music.

The music is from my album, Lullabies for the Inner Child and is available at www.lightunlimitedpublishing.com.

To use this video as a Mindfulness exercise sit in a comfortable position. Watch the video carefully. Pay attention to every minute detail possible without judgement. Just watch. Nothing more. Use your abdominal breathing and relax. The more you are able to totally focus on the video the more effective the mindfulness exercise will be.


When you have completed the exercise, if you feel inspired, please Like the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5UNJeib50pL6aMrcMyGQAg.

If you have any questions about this exercise, feel free to comment here or write to me.

Take care