How many years does it usually take to achieve enlightenment?

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I have been asked this question often. The answer is always the same.

Enlightenment takes just a second to experience.

Enlightenment is not an achievement. It is an experience. It is waking up from a long, lucid dream to ‘realize, remember’ that you are that Infinite Sea of Awareness, you have always been this and will always be this. Nothing has changed. Nothing has touched you. Nothing has affected you. You are still and always the pristine, perfect, infinite Peace that you have always been.

As long as one attempts to achieve enlightenment it will remain elusive. As long as one believes they are on a path to enlightenment they will never ‘arrive’. As long as one identifies as an individual personality with a history, beliefs, labels, thoughts, knowledge, control, desires and possessions enlightenment will remain out of reach.

Enlightenment is experienced when we surrender totally, absolutely, completely to be nothing and then to dissolve into the Infinite Sea of Awareness, the source of all Creation, to just Be.

Right this very instant as you read these words you are Infinite, Immortal, Pristine, Perfect Consciousness. You have always been this and will always be this. Nothing has touched you or changed who and what you truly are.