Experiencing Transcendent Happiness, Ecstasy and Creation

Humans strive for happiness and ecstasy in life because they, unconsciously, wish to experience their own real identity and the Source of all Creation. Without realizing it they are seeking transcendent Joy, Bliss and Ecstasy. Bliss, Joy and Ecstasy that are unchanging and without end.

Most people seek happiness, fulfillment and joy in; possessions, relationships, experiences, chemicals, their physical body or knowledge. They never even consider that happiness beyond their wildest dreams is already present and accessible without acquiring anything. That ecstasy is closer than their own breathing.

If happiness, fulfillment, joy and ecstasy are not a result of the acquisition of possessions or knowledge and are not found in relationships, experiences, the body or chemicals then where are they found?

They are found in the very fabric of Creation. They are experienced when we are still enough, silent enough and empty enough.

When you are able to feel the infinite energy that creates all that is tangible and intangible you might describe it as Bliss beyond bliss, Peace beyond peace, Ecstasy beyond ecstasy.

When dissolved completely into the Infinite Sea of Consciousness, Emptiness – the experience has attributes that are impossible to describe in any language and to the intellect. Words that seem to apply barely come close to these transcendent “feelings” – but we can use terms like Bliss, Ecstasy, Enthusiasm, Embracing Tranquility and Peace to attempt to describe the experience.

When we experience dissolving into this Infinite Sea of Consciousness until the ‘me’ is gone we realize that all creation is a manifestation of transcendent Ecstasy. The very act of creation is Ecstatic. When we dissolve into the Ecstasy of Creation we come to the point of ‘feeling’ overwhelmed. The ego, the ‘me’, screams that it will die if we continue dissolving. We do it anyway. There is no limit to the Ecstasy that can be experienced. It is, literally, infinite. We dissolve into what we are and have always been. Nothing else matters. Nothing else is Real.

What does it take to experience this transcendent Happiness and Ecstasy?

You must pay the ultimate price for this. It requires complete and total surrender of the sum total of everything you think you are, everything you imagine you possess. You must let go of the idea that you are an individual personality with a physical body, a separate spirit, a mind of your own with a history and a unique set of traits. You must give up all knowledge and ignorance, all joys and sorrows, all pleasure and pain, all that you desire and avoid, all that you love and despise.

You must willingly dissolve into the Infinite Sea of Consciousness until you are the Infinite Sea rather than a drop. This is the price required. Nothing less will suffice.

When you do this you will realize that you have always been this Infinite Sea of Consciousness, this Infinite Emptiness. You will experience the True Self – Pure, Pristine, Untouched Awareness. You will experience the infinite, transcendent Happiness, Joy, Peace, Love, Compassion and Ecstasy that are inexorably woven into the fabric of all Creation, that are the fabric of all Creation, that are the attributes of Infinite, Immortal Consciousness.

This is where and how transcendent Ecstasy and Happiness are experienced.

To the ego, the ‘me’, it seems an impossible price to pay. That is why so few ever really experience this and why most human beings seek happiness, ecstasy, fulfillment, joy and peace in possessions, knowledge, religion, philosophy and human experiences. It feels safer and easier but it will never, ever be as fulfilling, real or lasting as the real and transcendent attributes of the True Self, the Infinite Sea of Awareness. That is why the search and striving for happiness and fulfillment are a never ending labor for most people in this world.

But you cannot buy or accumulate your way to transcendent Happiness. You cannot pray or study your way to transcendent Joy. You cannot understand your way to transcendent Ecstasy.

There is only one way to experience the True Self and this I have just described for you.

I have posted a number of practices and meditations here at Life’s Answers that will help you experience this surrender and dissolution into the Infinite Sea of Awareness. Feel free to make use of them. You are also welcome to contact me for support in this if you wish.

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